GE Additive


Find below our full powders portfolio, that was carefully developed and tested to seamlessly fit into the entire GE Additive ecosystem. Combined with our proven parameters, they competitively offer performance, quality and safety when used in our machine solutions. Click on each powder to find out more. 


Ideal for a wide range of high-performance applications in aerospace, automotive and biomedical. Titanium is well-known for being light alloys characterized by excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combined with low specific weight and biocompatibility.

CpTi Grade 1

CpTi Grade 2

Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5

Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23




rematitan® CL (Dental certified Ti-6Al-4V grade 23)


Nickel base alloys

Ideal alloys for high-stress, high-temperature aerospace, industrial manufacturing and oil & gas environments. Nickel chromium super-alloys like Inconel 718 and Inconel 625 produce strong, corrosion-resistant metal parts with excellent tensile, fatigue and creep.

Nickel 718

Nickel 625


Aluminum alloys

Ideal for applications requiring good mechanical properties and low weight, often in aerospace and automotive industries. They possess high strength-to-weight ratios and demonstrate good resistance to metal fatigue and corrosion.




Steel alloys

Ideal for spare parts, gears and tooling inserts across all industries. 






Ideal for a wide range of applications in aerospace, medical and specifically dental restorations. Cobalt chrome’s material characteristics make it ideal for parts that often benefit from hot isostatic pressing (HIP), which combines high temperatures and pressures to induce a complex diffusion process that strengthens grain structures, producing fully dense metal parts.


remanium® star CL (Dental certified CoCrW)


Custom powders

We have the ability to develop custom powders to meet your unique needs along with developing parameters and testing protocols to achieve desired material properties. 

Hot Isostatic Pressing Conditions

This process is used to produce full density parts with great mechanical properties even with the finest materials.