Your competitive advantage now has a name — AddWorks.™

Using GE’s additive expertise, our AddWorks team will help you explore this revolutionary technology, so you can transform your business in ways you never dreamed possible.

Design consulting

AddWorks imbeds our experts with your team, learning what your products do now and what you need them to become. We will help explore product solutions that aim to differentiate your parts technically and may provide significant performance benefits. Our assessment can determine if a part is appropriate for additive or better produced conventionally. We will help illustrate the economic and performance benefits for your organization.

Materials consulting

When it comes to additive manufacturing with metals, there are different processes to use and many materials to choose from. The properties of the materials that you used to use may not be achievable with the same grade of material that you conventionally used. Our experts will advise you on materials that are available, testing protocols, process parameters to steer you in the right direction toward which material is right for you to achieve the properties desired in your specification.


Additive manufacturing can be an efficient way to make parts, but how you set up your shop floor can enhance your productivity. AddWorks professionals can advise you on how to set up everything from an additive lab all the way through an entire shop floor layout, recommending equipment and processes for an effective flow of work.

GE Additive is committed to helping you in your additive journey

We’ll get to know your needs and priorities to help determine the design, engineering and materials that can accelerate innovation in your business.