Now entering smooth skies for additive manufacturing at scale.

Announcing the arrival of laser melting for industrial builds requiring the highest in precision and reliability standards.

Designed and optimized in partnership with leading aviation customers

GE Additive is pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing, with the next generation DMLM machine. Built for superior part quality, machine usability and repeatability, the new M2 Series 5 is the system of choice for highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical.


M2 series 5 testimonial

The Concept Laser M2 Series 5 has been developed and put through its paces by GE Aviation which has helped engineers to prioritize areas where the direct metal laser melting system could be improved upon.

“Over the past year, teams from GE Additive have worked closely with colleagues at GE Aviation - which operates a fleet of M2s - to get direct feedback. Co-located teams collaborated on the critical characteristics needed for the next iteration of the M2 and to make a good part, but also on input on the mechanical operations, performance and productivity of the machine, and on improvements in reliability and quality,” said Chris Schuppe, general manager – engineering, GE Additive.

This collaborative work incorporated an extensive machine design, system and component review, and an extended testing period, which has resulted in the new M2 Series 5 – a robust machine, configured to meet the exacting requirements of highly-regulated aerospace and medical industries and delivers best-in-class productivity for lower overall cost.

Designed for quality builds at scale

The M2 Series 5 provides an increased level of productivity and faster builds that help drive lower cost for your business. Finer feature resolution, improved part quality and consistency enables you to unlock new revenue opportunities with new and innovative designs and builds.

The powerful dual laser system provides up to 100% coverage per laser and 2x faster build speeds. Due to the small spot size of 70-500 microns, multiple exposure strategies within a single part are possible. The M2 Series 5 offers full control of the process critical variables. The flow-optimized build chamber provides a constant gas flow due to volume flow monitoring. In addition, multiple internal sensors ensure a more controlled build environment, resulting in significantly better part quality and consistency which are critical for safety relevant industries like aerospace and medical.

Unique safety system

The M2 Series 5 is designed with the user in mind and offers maximum usability and safety.

The system features a physical separation of the process chamber and a material handling side with a movable build module. In addition, all processes are performed under inert gas. The closed inert gas circuit features stainless steel pipes and short pathways to prevent powder residue deposits while extending filter lifetimes.

The Glovebox System promotes safe, non-contact handling of reactive or harmful materials and allows dust-protected removal of parts. Together with the water-floodable filter modules, the M2 Series 5 offers maximum protection for the machine operator.

Path to production

Metal additive manufacturing continues to gain momentum and several organizations are starting to explore the technology for the first time. 

Those tentative steps typically involve prototyping or turning to service bureaus to produce one-off, difficult-to-find replacement parts. However, the shift to full-scale commercial production is another matter altogether. Organizations embarking on the industrialization phase of their additive journeys often encounter a similar set of industry barriers.

The path to serial additive production requires careful planning, patience, awareness of potential pitfalls, and enormous attention to detail; but, if done correctly, it can lead to shorter production lead times, cost savings, consolidated part counts, reduced waste, improved sustainability and an enhanced supply chain.

Production playbook

In this production playbook, we share lessons learned through our own additive journey helping others take steps to shift to industrialization.