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Where additive journeys begin

Additive is changing the world and you can be a part of that change. It is already disrupting industries and accelerating the way products are designed and manufactured. Its timeand your timeis now.

A legacy of innovation and transformation

At GE Additive, we are passionate about the transformative value of additive manufacturing.

As one of the world’s biggest users of additive, we have experienced first-hand how powerful this technology can be. Today, additive manufacturing is making parts and products in innovative new ways 
that we never dreamed possible just a few years ago. 

Our goal is to help you unleash the benefits of this advanced technology by guiding your additive journey and enabling you to realize your own unique vision of the future.

Building a better future with additive

Additive manufacturing is reshaping the product design process and the entire manufacturing landscape. Through additive, engineers are embracing new design freedoms, solving operational challenges, creating valuable product performance improvements, and delivering long-term cost efficiencies.

GE’s AddWorks™ additive consulting team can help you explore this innovative technology and discover the economic and performance benefits it can bring to your organization. From discovery workshops to final part production, our AddWorks team will work shoulder to shoulder with you, helping you use additive to change your business—and the future—for the better.

GE Additive is committed to helping you succeed

We’ll get to know your needs and priorities to help determine design, engineering and materials that can accelerate innovation in your business.