Producing tire molds using additive manufacturing

Benefits of additive manufacturing for tire mold production

Shorter lead times 
You can reduce the cycle time of the part from design to production, which allows shorter lead times even with size and model variations. 

Improved production rates 
AM allows you to increase the production rates of tire molds and still reduce your overall cost. 

Print batches 
Print batches of sipes for improved productivity times. 

Break the mold 
AM allows the design freedom to re-imagine  the capabilities and performance of tire molds. 

M2 Series 5

The available laser options allow our customers to tailor the M2 system for their specific needs. A closed-loop material handling system ensures that the operator’s contact with un-melted reactive powders and soot is reduced to the absolute minimum. 

Mlab 200R

The size of the system lends itself well to a production or lab environment, where the footprint can be very limited, and the system requires less ancillary equipment than most of the larger systems. 


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