Additive Manufacturing for Motorsports

Benefits of additive manufacturing for motorsports

Design freedom  
Flexibility to customize each part for weight reduction, improved safety, cycle time and component consolidation for improved track performance.

Reduce drag with improved package design
AM allows you to add features to increase function and speed.

Mechanics of the vehicle
Material selection and properties can be re-imagined for less material consumption and increased thermal management for faster lap times.

On-demand manufacturing 
AM enables you to customize parts for individual race tracks. 

Reduce the cycle time from design to production
You can repeat the production process with speed. This allows you to design and produce your application in time for the race. 

Case studies

Spectra H

The Arcam EBM Spectra H has an expanded build volume, 39% larger than the previous generation EBM machine, delivering market-leading, high-temperature production. Movable heat shields create improved insulation, forming the ideal environment for exceptional part production. An auto- calibrated, 6kW beam provides a 100% increase in power to provide up to 50% faster builds, allowing manufacturers to begin transitioning into high-volume outputs. 

M2 Series 5

The available laser options allow our customers to tailor the M2 Series 5 system for their specific needs. A closed-loop material handling system ensures that the operator’s contact with un-melted reactive powders and soot is reduced to the absolute minimum. 


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