Additive Manufacturing

Industry overview


At its heart, the medical field is about people and their quality of life, and medical technology is a crucial tool here. Products for the industry need to support patients in the healing process in a meaningful way, help them gain mobility and improve the quality of their lives. 

Optimum patient care in orthopedics, implantology and dentistry demands high-precision, perfectly fitting medical products. In medical and dental technology, there is a demand for parts produced individually or in small batches which must satisfy extremely high quality standards with regard to materials and workmanship.



Aviation and aerospace are two of the pioneering sectors for additive manufacturing. These sectors are characterized by small batch sizes and manufacturer-specific adaptations. At the same time, these products are renowned for having very long life cycles (for example, components may be used in passenger aircraft for more than 30 years) and extremely high safety requirements. High levels of thermal or mechanical loading, especially during take-off and landing or if there is air turbulence, are one of the special features of the requirements profiles for most components. 



When it comes to pilot-series development and small-scale manufacturing, the fabrication of LaserCUSING® direct components is now an integral part of international automotive production.

Additive manufacturing can be used to produce engine components, bodywork and structural parts as well as direct components for use inside vehicles precisely, economically and quickly.

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