GE Power

Optimize uptime with Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

Together with GE Power, we offer our customers high-reliability UPS systems that help power uninterrupted 3D printing operations.

Protecting 3D printing from costly power disruptions

Even a short power disruption during a 3D printing process can cause significant, costly losses. These power disruptions can happen at any time due to unplanned weather events, inconsistent utility operation or the normal operation of non-linear load equipment.

Protect your operations with high-reliability GE UPS systems, designed to defend a 24/7 uninterrupted facility from power anomalies. These systems are completely configurable, and can back up one or more 3D printing units to help deliver high-quality products on time, extend the life of your 3D printer and improve customer satisfaction.

What challenges can power loss during 3D printing create?

  • Loss of operations
  • Loss of raw materials
  • Increased lead time to customers
  • Reduced human resource utilization
  • Loss of revenue
  • Increased operating costs

Aerospace case study

GE Aviation adopted a high-reliability GE UPS system, optimizing operational uptime and helping to run a 24x7 production facility uninterrupted by power anomalies. 

Critical power solutions

Since 1966  GE provided the first commercial UPS solution — and we’ve been innovating ever since. Today, you can rely on GE’s critical power to deliver the powerful, dependable advanced UPS solutions in the industry.

Scalable UPS solutions

Best-in-class GE UPS systems provide efficient, reliable critical power for today’s 24/7 world and support a wide range of applications.

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