Webinar: Cost model vs. Business case - Key considerations for your next metal additive program

Successful implementation of additive manufacturing into any business requires clear business objectives. This webinar will discuss key aspects of additive cost modeling and performance benefits when considering metal additive manufacturing.

Join Gregg Wilson, principal engineer from GE Additive’s engineering consulting group (AddWorks), as he explores the crucial steps necessary to develop a business case that quantifies new-market and growth opportunities to get you on the right path toward additive implementation.

Attending this webinar, you will learn:

  • Case studies that demonstrate the successful application of additive
  • Considerations that impact additive part costs (especially in a production environment)
  • Key components and methods to evaluate a business case

Featured Speakers:
Gregg Wilson, Principal Engineer, GE Additive
Leslie Langnau, Managing Editor, Design World