Webinar: Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace with EBM

Choosing Additive Manufacturing for production of aerospace components provides great benefits for the entire production value chain. Join Mark Meyer, Additive Technology Leader for GE Aviation - GE Additive, as he highlights these benefits and explores the different application opportunities for metal additive manufacturing today and in the future.
During this discussion Mark will dive into both EBM and DMLM technologies to discuss the benefits of each. Learn more about the different materials and products that are currently being used in metal additive manufacturing and what benefit they have in the industry.

You will learn

  • Additive manufacturing process descriptions
  • Understand the advantages of using metal additive manufacturing
  • Discover where you can use the technology and which technology is best in certain situations (Design)
  • Understand when to use additive manufacturing (Manufacturing Considerations)


  • Mark Meyer, Additive Technology Leader, GE Aviation / GE Additive
  • Dr. Hooman Rezaei, Founder & President, Int’l Aircraft Engine Association
  • Haseung Chung,  Assistant Professor, Michigan State University Department of Mechanical Engineering