SME’s Metal Additive Manufacturing Developments seminar

SME’s Metal Additive Manufacturing Developments seminar will take place at the Sheraton Suites Philadelphia Airport on Wednesday, October 24. Applications for metal additive manufacturing continue to grow. Enabled by developments in processes, machines, and materials, many are finding new ways to effectively “print” new parts and products. This program brings together those who are leading the way applying the technology, developing the processes, and expanding the types of metals that can be printed.

5 Things You Need to Know to Move from Prototype to Production

Many organizations are beginning to find their profitable additive applications – a use of metal additive technology that provides a positive ROI. However, taking these applications from a few prototypes to full-scale production is not a straight-forward journey. In fact, some even struggle on where to start.

Abby Mosher from GE Additive will discuss what GE has learned adopting additive manufacturing for full-scale production. She will cover the following topics:

  • GE’s approach to integrate design and manufacturing to print complicated assemblies
  • Printing repeatability – understanding and controlling the critical factors that impact variability
  • Part reliability – defining post processing required to ensure high-level part quality