SME's Metal Additive Manufacturing Developments seminar

Top 5 Design Tips for Production-Level Printing - David Chapin, Addworks Design Engineering Leader, GE Additive

Many organizations are beginning to find their profitable additive applications – a use of metal additive technology that provides a positive ROI. In designing these parts for production-level volume, however, different design factors need to be considered versus designing for prototype parts. In fact, understanding these design considerations could be the difference between profitable additive success vs. failure.

In this session, David Chapin will discuss some important design factors to consider for those considering designing parts for high-volume additive production.


Design Consideration Expert Panel – Facilitated by Larry R. Holmes, Jr., The University of Delaware
David Chapin – GE Additive, Dr. Kirk Rogers, The Barns Group and Andy Roberts, Desktop Metal
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Top experts in Additive Manufacturing dig deep into how different aspects of designing for Additive fit into the supply chain and influences product development and production. Join in on the conversation with dedicated time to ask questions engage with panel experts.