More than 115,000 industrial decision-makers attend IMTS - The International Manufacturing Technology Show to get ideas and find answers to their manufacturing problems. The IMTS Conference program will focus on six topics: Process Innovations, Alternative Manufacturing, Plant Operations, Automation, Quality and Industry 4.0/IIoT.

Join GE Additive in booth #431300 and see where additive journeys begin. Our AddWorks team will be holding live design demonstrations in our booth, the schedule is listed below. We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

September 10 – 14
AddWorks presentation schedule at IMTS
Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes
10 am Key elements of an effective additive business case
Many organizations new to additive experience difficulties in developing a business case  for additive applications. Join this AddWorks demonstration as we take you through the  business case process, so that you can understand how to develop a business case to  integrate additive manufacturing into your organization. 
11 am  Benefits of additive design
There are many applications in industry that can benefit from additive-enabled designs.  Join the AddWorks team as we demonstrate various additive design capabilities. We’ll  explore the benefits of these capabilities with side-by-side comparisons to traditionally  manufactured equivalents.
1 pm  Understanding topology optimization in additive manufacturing
Additive manufacturing allows for design freedoms that remove the limitations set by  traditional manufacturing methods. Engineering requirements can more directly drive the  shape and design of components. Join AddWorks to learn more about how topology  optimization can help you best leverage this design freedom. 
2 pm Additive materials: The relationship between powder, process and properties
Additive manufacturing transforms metal powder into fully dense printed metal parts. However, to reach the necessary material properties, additional post processing may be required. Join GE Additive's AddWorks team to learn more about additive post-processing techniques and how these impact material properties and microstructure.
3 pm Critical considerations in part consolidation 
Additive manufacturing enables the consolidation of multiple parts into one. This can enable significant reduction in assembly and supply chain costs; however, there are critical details that should be considered when evaluating an assembly for consolidation. Our AddWorks team will discuss these considerations in a live demonstration.