AddWorks Seminar - Alberta, Canada

Join our seminar on October 10th (9:00 AM-4:00 PM), as part of the Innotech Conference:

Best practices for your Additive Journey – Design, Process Selection, and Materials 

As organizations begin to adopt additive technology, they quickly realize that it takes different thinking, tools and processes to be successful in using additive in production-level manufacturing. In this workshop, Addworks™ at GE Additive will cover key concepts and best practices they use on a daily basis for its production of additive parts.

AddWorks is GE Additive’s engineering consulting team that helps companies with additive part development and production in the automotive, aviation and energy/power industries. Regardless of how simple or complex, AddWorks can help you navigate your additive journey and find a path most beneficial to your goals. GE Additive started their own additive journey over 4 years ago and is now the #1 additive user in the world.

The following outlines learning objectives for this workshop:

  • Real-life use case examples of additive manufacturing
  • Design best practices including requirements, conceptual design, process selection, producibility and FastWorks
  • An overview of the material development process where machine parameters in combination with post processing drive the material properties and performance
  • An overview of additive manufacturing processes and the various additive technologies
  • An overview of the GE Additive innovation process used for the Additive Manufacturing
  • Cost modeling considerations and methods for additive components.

Join our keynote on October 11th (8:45 AM - 4:00 PM), as part of the Innotech Conference:

Disrupting the Disruption: How GE Additive is Pushing the Boundaries of AM

Speaker: Joe Hampshire, Product Strategy Leader for AddWorks™ at GE Additive