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Webinar: What’s Your Additive Manufacturing Strategy? Spotlight on Aluminum 3D Printing

October 06, 2021

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits and challenges of AM aluminum and highlight the industries adopting this material.

Webinar: Descubra los aspectos técnicos de la tecnología Binder Jet

October 13, 2021

Esta sesión explorará las ventajas de la tecnología Binder Jet y se presentará información que compara ésta tecnología de manufactura con la fundición tradicional.

Webinar: What’s Your Additive Manufacturing Strategy? Spotlight on Aluminum 3D Printing

October 06, 2021

Join this webinar to learn about the benefits and challenges of AM aluminum and highlight the industries adopting this material.

Webinar: Descubra los aspectos técnicos de la tecnología Binder Jet

October 13, 2021

Esta sesión explorará las ventajas de la tecnología Binder Jet y se presentará información que compara ésta tecnología de manufactura con la fundición tradicional.

Webinar: Not All Titanium Grades are Created Equal: Oxygen Content in Grade 5 and Grade 23 Powders

Join this webinar to learn how oxygen content varies across particle size distribution of titanium powder during storage, handling and printing.

Webinar: How GE Additive’s Arcam EBM Spectra L Can Help You Ramp up to Volume Production

Find out how the latest Electron Beam Melting (EBM) machine can help you scale to additive production.

Webinar: Titanium Ti6242 – A High-Performance Material for High-Temperature Applications

Learn about the development of the Ti6242 parameter and why it is an ideal powder for applications in aerospace and other industries.

Webinar: GEアディティブ航空分野ディレクターがPremium AEROTECH社AM統括責任者と語るアディティブ製造認証までのアプローチ

Learn from Premium AEROTEC and GE Additive about getting to validation and hear about future collaborations between the two companies. Presented in English with Japanese subtitles.

Webinar: Environment, Health and Safety - Best Practices in Additive Manufacturing

This webinar addresses EHS concerns when dealing with additive manufacturing processes.

Webinar: A Data-Centric Approach to Additive Manufacturing: GE Additive’s Amp Software Platform

Learn how GE Additive leveraged our experience in additive to create a streamlined workflow that uses simulation to meet your data needs.

Webinar: AS9100/ISO 9001 Certification for Additive Manufacturing–What’s Involved?

Learn about the importance of AS9100/ISO 9001 and the process involved to get certification.

Webinar: Design for Metal Binder Jet: A Way to Create a Winning Business Case

This webinar explores how designing a part for Binder Jet can build a winning business case.

Webinar: M Line–The Evolution of an Additive Production System

Join GE Additive and learn about the development of the M Line production solution, including the processes and procedures employed to ensure reliability and material property considerations for part quality.

Webinar: Exploring Aluminum AlSi7Mg (F357) Powder and Parameters

Join this webinar to learn about the capabilities of aluminum F357 for additive, hear a case study on an automotive application to demonstrate parameter performance, and more.

Webinar: Additive Manufacturing… Revolutionizing the Dental Industry

In this Spanish webinar DIT Chile (Dental Innovation Techniques) will share their experience in additive metal manufacturing processes and how AM has helped revolutionize the dental industry in Latin America. 

Webinar: Turning Metal Additive Build Failures into Positive Learning Experiences

Join this webinar to find out how to turn build fails into learning experiences and learn how you can adjust your processes and implement procedures to avoid similar failures from occurring.

Webinar: Binder Jetting Hard-to-Weld, Nickel-Based Superalloy RENÉ 108

Join this webinar to learn the effects on the green, brown and sintered states of a part using RENE 108 nickel alloy, looking at mechanical properties and deformation at all stages and applications related to Ni alloys.

Webinar: Wabtec - The Quest for Additive Production Parts Using Binder Jet Technology

Join this webinar to learn about Wabtec’s journey towards additive production using Binder Jet technology and hear about future collaborations between Wabtec and GE Additive.

Webinar: Ingeniería de materiales en Manufactura Aditiva, de polvo de metal a producción

Cada aspecto del proceso de manufactura aditiva puede impactar el estado final de las propiedades del material, en este webinar compartiremos el rol de ingeniería de materiales a través del proceso completo de manufactura aditiva.

Webinar: Pioneering New Water Solutions by Creating an Additive Mindset

Join this webinar to hear how Grundfos has kickstarted an additive transformation in every corner of the company to develop the future water solutions for the benefit of the world.

Webinar: Advancing Aerospace Development with Metal 3D Printing Technology and Post-Processing

Join GE Additive and Protolabs for this webinar to discuss the trends they are seeing in how metal additive is impacting the aerospace industry. 

Webinar: Aluminum A205: A New High-Strength Alloy for GE Additive's Concept Laser M2 Series 5 Machine

Join this webinar to learn about the fundamental steps undertaken to develop the A205 parameters and find out about the capability and robustness of this new parameter set for our M2 Series 5 DMLM machine.

Webinar: Understanding Metal Powder Reuse and Effective Reuse Strategies for Additive Manufacturing

This webinar will give a holistic view of powder reuse by highlighting the importance of understanding the different aspects of the powder cycle loop prior to launching a powder reuse study/campaign.

Webinar: The Technical Drivers Behind Designing for Binder Jet and How the Technology Compares to Casting

Join this webinar to learn about the new innovations in Binder Jet technology, the unique design considerations and how the technology compares to traditional castings.

Webinar: Insights from Tangible Solutions: Laser Powder Bed Fusion in Medical: Pushing the limits of design and process control

During this webinar, we explore how Tangible Solutions is leveraging DMLM technology to improve patient outcomes and push the limits of design and process control in metal Powder Bed Fusion (PBF).

Webinar: Additive Thermal Management Takes Flight, Part 2

In the first webinar, we introduced the new 3D printed heat exchanger for GE Aviation’s GE9X jet engine. Check out this second webinar, where we address topics attendees requested to hear about in more detail. 

Webinar: Getting to Large Part Serial Production: Insights from Volunteer Aerospace and Latest Upgrades on the X Line 2000R

Join us to hear Volunteer Aerospace explain how their acquisition of an X Line 2000R expands the company’s additive capabilities and enables them to drive true customer outcomes and reduce costs for single, large parts all the way to serial production.

Webinar: Arcam EBM Q10plus – Proven cost-efficiency and productivity for volume hip cup production

The Arcam EBM Q10plus is the established machine for volume production of medical implants, especially hip cups. This session will present a par-cost case for hip cups and draw a comparison with other powder bed fusion technologies.

Webinar: Concept Laser M2 Series 5 – Enabling repeatability at scale

Get to know our M2 Series 5 for increased level of productivity and faster builds that help drive lower cost for your business. Finer feature resolution, improved part quality and consistency enables you to unlock new revenue opportunities.

Webinar: Open EBM platform for material research

In this session we will explore the status of material development research today and discuss why EBM is a popular additive manufacturing technology for material development. 

Webinar: Outlook on raw material quality requirements for the AM medical industry

This presentation will show AP&C’s learning from servicing the medical AM industry for the last 15 years and their vision of the four pillars essential to success in the medial AM industry: Quality, Service, Product and Partnership.

Webinar: Opening New Avenues in Aerospace AM with Stitching Success: The Premium AEROTEC and GE Additive Story

Join this webinar to learn from Premium AEROTEC and GE Additive about the process to get to validation and get a look into the future collaboration of the two companies.

Webinar: Additive Thermal Management Takes Flight

In this webinar we discuss the 3D-printed heat exchanger application in detail, as well as the large opportunity for growth in the aerospace market segment.

Webinar: ウェビナー:アディティブ製造の金型・ツーリングへの活用 独ホフマン社の経験と事例

Sign up for the pre-recorded webinar "Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and Mold-Making – Real-World Examples from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH" with Japanese subtitles. 

Webinar: Challenging Geometries and Digital Workflow for Thin-walled Dental EAP® Abutments

Join this webinar to learn from Dr. Mario Kern how he uses additive manufacturing for thin-walled dental EAP® Abutments.

Webinar: How REJOINT is using EBM technology to push the envelope in orthopedics

During this webinar, Dr. Gian Guido Riva and Dr. Carolina Eleonora Lavecchia, both of REJOINT,  will explore how the company is leveraging EBM technology to improve patient outcomes and push the medical industry to new heights.

Webinar: Insights from VBN Components: Redefining wear resistance through 3D printing of hard metals with high carbide content

Join this webinar, during which VBN’s Dr. Beste will explore the Vibenite® materials and give real-life examples of achievable application benefits.

Webinar: Entendiendo los costos de Manufactura Aditiva - Una parte clave para crear el caso de negocio

Aprende a entender mejor el lenguaje técnico de la fabricación aditiva e identifica qué comportamientos de la máquina corresponden a indicadores económicos medibles.

Webinar: Binder Jet Additive Manufacturing - How this Technology will Disrupt the High-Volume Casting Industry

Join this webinar to learn about the new innovations in Binder Jet technology that are putting it on the path to disrupt manufacturing methods like castings and help industries innovate and get to market faster.

Webinar: Electron Beam Melting: Today’s Impact and Tomorrow’s Potential for Additive Manufacturing

Join us to hear an overview of EBM and why it is a unique and innovative force in AM in both aerospace and medical industries. We will discuss current applications and how it is helping to improve products and get them to market faster.

Webinar: How much further can additive take you? Learn about the unique advantages our customers have found

Join us to hear the details behind our customers' challenges, how we worked alongside them to find a successful additive solution and how we’re partnering with companies around the globe to build anything together.

Webinar: Additive Manufacturing: Building the Future One Layer at a Time

In this webinar, we will give an overview of the latest in metal additive technology and innovation at GE Additive. 

Webinar: De prototipado a producción… Manufactura Aditiva está aquí! 5 consejos para una transición exitosa

Manufactura Aditiva en metales tiene muy buen Retorno de Inversión en prototipado… pero ¿qué hay al respecto de procesos completos de producción? 

Webinar: 网络研讨会:增材制造启航了— GE航空通往批量生产的道路

Sign up for the pre-recorded webinar "Additive Taking Flight – GE Aviation’s Path to Production" with Chinese subtitles. 

Webinar: All About Additive Manufacturing presented by UNB and GE Additive

Join us for a value-added event to discover how additive technology can work for all manufacturing sectors.

Webinar: Amplify Additive’s Experiences with 3D Printed Titanium Acetabular Cups – Insights to an Optimal Case for using Additive Manufacturing for Orthopedics

Join this webinar and learn how Electron Beam Melting (EBM) is the optimal technology for Amplify Additive to manufacture a critical component for successful Total Hip Surgery.

Webinar: 空飛ぶアディティブ製造技術-金属3Dプリンターで量産を成功させる方法

Sign up for the pre-recorded webinar "Additive Taking Flight – GE Aviation’s Path to Production" with Japanese subtitles. 

Webinar: Design for Additive Manufacturing: Habits to Adopt and Habits to Leave Behind, Part 1

This webinar is part of a 3-part series. In this first Aerospace-focused webinar, we share our experience on habits to adopt and habits to leave behind, along with uncontrived and entertaining lessons learned along the way.

Webinar: ¿Cómo descubrir una aplicación exitosa de manufactura aditiva que nos lleve a un crecimiento rentable?

Asista a nuestro seminario web para escuchar ejemplos reales de programas de fabricación de aditivos que han logrado resultados estratégicos para varias organizaciones.

Webinar: Additive Manufacturing for Tooling and Mold-Making – Real-World Examples from Werkzeugbau Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

Join this webinar and learn about the advantages of additive manufacturing in the tooling and molding industry. 

Webinar: Understanding AM Economics - A Critical Piece to the Additive Business Case

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to better understand the technical language of additive manufacturing and identify which machine behaviors correspond to measurable economic indicators.

Webinar: What to Consider When Selecting your Aluminum Powder for AM Applications

Aluminum alloys are essential powders in the world of AM. Discover what makes them well-suited and in high demand for additive manufacturing processing for automotive and aerospace industries.

Webinar: Additive Advantages in the Medical Industry - Insights from Implantcast

Join this webinar to learn about ways that additive manufacturing can be used in production of medical parts.

Webinar: Materials Engineering in Additive: From Powder to Production

This webinar will explain the role of the materials engineer throughout the entire additive manufacturing process.

Webinar: Going Big in Metal 3D Printing: Insights from Experts

This webinar will help attendees understand how large parts are built using metal 3D printing.

Webinar: Understanding Qualification and Industrialization

Join this interactive discussion to think about your own path to additive production.

Webinar: Additive Taking Flight – GE Aviation’s Path to Production

Get to know the lessons learned of GE Aviation's path to production.

Webinar: How to Plan a Successful Transition to Serial Additive Production

Get to know GE Aviation's additive journey to serial production including the lessons learned and the benefits they’ve realized to date.

Webinar: Move over prototyping – Additive production is here!

Learn how GE Additive's AddWorks team helps companies with additive part development and production.

Webinar: How to uncover a successful additive application that leads to profitable growth

Hear real-life examples of additive programs that have yielded strategic outcomes such as new market development, customer growth and—most importantly—profitability. 

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