GE Additive

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GE Additive offers comprehensive, flexible training and consulting to meet your total additive manufacturing needs.

Once you’ve decided that additive technology is right for your business, the next steps may prove to be intimidating. That’s why GE Additive offers courses and consulting to help you along your journey. We’re here to be your valued partner in technology, maintenance, and training. Whether you’re considering a comprehensive AddWorks event or refresher courses, invest in your additive future by enrolling in our world-class machine training courses or our AddWorks Consulting offerings.

Digital Processes Workshop
DMLM Process Optimization
EBM Level 1 Application
EBM Level 1 Operation & Maintenance
EBM Level 2 Application
EBM Level 2 Maintenance
EBM Process Optimization
Facilities Consulting
Machine Customization
Machine Operation M1 / M2 cusing
Machine Operation Mlab cusing 200 R
Machine Operation Mlab cusing R
Machine Operation XLINE 2000R
Material & Manufacturing process development
Software Operation for CL WRX Control/Office
Software Operation for CL WRX Parameter
Software Operation for QM Coating
Software Operation for QM Meltpool 3D (Level 1)
Turnkey Solutions