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Dental Hybrid Manufacturing Solution

We are transforming the dental industry with our partners Follow-Me, Datron and Fresdental and offering a dental hybrid manufacturing solution, that combines the advantages of additive manufacturing with subtractive technology–offering the best of both manufacturing worlds.

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn from Dr. Mario Kern how he uses additive manufacturing for thin-walled dental EAP® Abutments.

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Additive manufacturing (AM) allows you to manufacture complex, customized, precise frameworks and tension free dental prostheses for improved fit in the mouth. 3D metal printing decrease the loss of material compared to just milling—milling alone waste up to 85% material used in the manufacturing process. AM also allows significant time savings—up to 50% faster than casting, with the final product 99.6% density AM demonstrates better metallurgical properties than with a cast part made from the same material. And when you combine AM with subtractive manufacturing you can take advantage of both technologies.

The benefits include:

  • Up to 40% reduced costs by using the dental hybrid solution instead of just milling alone
  • The ability to create complex geometries and the thinnest wall structures for dental applications, which is not possible to produce by milling
  • Implant connections require the highest accuracy for a perfect fit, which is ensured by the milling process
  • To avoid a complex work around, just one software is required to manage both, 3D printer and milling machine



A specific single software solution controls the 3D metal printing process and the milling process. The software workflow suites perfectly with GE Additive's Concept Laser Mlab machines. It is an open, highly automated, flexible system with automatic nesting, and automatic generation of ID tags for the identification of parts and the machining allowance for milling.  

A special 0-point transformation solution ensures the highest accuracy during the milling process of the 3D printed part. Therefore, pins are printed on the build plate and measured directly in the milling machine.

Different implant systems have different geometries, therefore various implant libraries are available to produce the required connection geometry. 


dental hybrid




Dental hybrid manufacturing solution


  • Implant-borne superstructures 
  • Inner surfaces of telescopic crowns

According to Smartech, the adoption of AM in the dental industry is expected to grow 19% by 2023.

Machine solutions

Our Partners

datronDATRON AG develops, produces and markets innovative CNC milling machines for the processing of future-oriented materials such as aluminum  and composite materials, dental milling machines for the efficient processing of all common mental materials in  dental laboratories, high-speed milling tools and high-performance dispensing machines for industrial sealing and bonding applications.

follow meFOLLOW-ME! Technology Group develops  and distributes an industry leading dental CAM software, hyperDENT®. Due to its modular product structure, the software can be utilized with a myriad of milling machines. hyperDENT® generates intricate and stable tool paths which coupled with advanced safety mechanisms, offers both a stable and intuitive production process to end users.

fresdentalFresdental offers the cutting-edge technology in CAD-CAM systems, including state-of-the-art 3D scanners, design programs for incredible precision, 5-axis milling machines with the possibility of milling any type of material, and heat treatment – producing more than 1,000 pieces per day.




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