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CEC Pittsburgh, US

Our Customer Experience Centers are designed to help customers accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing across all stages of their additive journey; from product design, to prototyping and through to production - supporting them along the way.

Originally opened in April, 2016, the Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh (10 minutes from the airport), focuses on the industrialization of additive manufacturing.  Customers can walk through a full additive manufacturing facility to see the operations from powder to final part, and understand the full value stream of additive.  In addition, we offer hands-on learning of additive machines, as well as classroom courses to expand knowledge of the additive industry.  Customers can collaborate with the GE team on product design, materials selection, process optimization, and look at the complete product development process. Customers can also request product prototypes and schedule low-rate production of their additive parts. The team will even guide you through what it takes to set up your own additive facility.



There are a number of different ways that customers can use the Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh.

GE Additive's Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh

GE Additive's new Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh is a 125,000 square feet facility including six additive manufacturing modalities. The center will allow current and potential customers to experience every aspect of the additive manufacturing process from design to prototyping to operations. 

Additive equipment

In addition to the additive machines listed below, the customer experience center in Pittsburgh has the full value stream of post processing equipment necessary to finish parts.  This includes powder removal and sieving, wire EDM and bandsaw machines, vacuum furnaces for stress relief, solution heat treat, and sintering, various CNCs for machining, and tools for polishing and grinding.  In addition, we have a full metrology and metallurgy lab for inspection, where we perform powder characterization, tensile and hardness testing. In addition, we have CT scanning, CMM, and GOM scanning capabilities on site. 

Electron Beam Melting (EBM) machines

  • Three Arcam Q10+ machines
  • Three Arcam Q20+ machines
  • Four Arcam A2X machines


Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) machines

  • Two Concept Laser Mlab cusing 200R machines
  • Thirteen Concept Laser M2 cusing machines
  • Two Concept Laser XLINE machines



  • One FDM machine
  • One Polyjet machine

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