GE Additive

Customer Experience Centers

Our Customer Experience Centers are designed to help customers accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing across all stages of their additive journey; from product design, to prototyping and through to production - supporting them along the way. Experience the power of additive manufacturing first-hand, with access to real additive manufacturing examples and expert support.

Facilitating growth in the additive industry

GE continues to invest in infrastructure that showcases additive manufacturing’s almost unlimited potential. This commitment includes two Customer Experience Centers (CECs) located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Munich, Germany, where we can collaborate with our customers—from initial design to low-rate production.


A place to collaborate and realize visions

Featuring an industrialization lab where designs can be analyzed to determine how best to take the process from lab to full-scale production, the CECs also help engineering teams optimize their designs, and then simulates what actual production would look like. Our longterm vision is to establish several centers around the world, helping customers experience the value and power of this groundbreaking technology for themselves.


Hands-on experience

To help further adoption of additive technology, our CECs also serve as training centers for additive design, machine operations, materials and software, providing hands-on instruction at the facilities. In addition to providing support for our customers and their additive products, these centers will also operate as logistics hubs for machines, spare parts and materials. And to ensure GE remains at the leading edge of the industry, the Pittsburgh CEC will remain a center for additive modality research and material development.


Our locations

We’re building a global additive network by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and leading talent focused on additive design and manufacturing technologies.

Customer Experience Center


Opened in December 2017 to support customers in Europe, the Customer Experience Center in Garching (15km north of Munich) includes an operations floor, training rooms and collaboration spaces. Customers can get hands-on learning of additive machines and see what value they bring. 

Customer Experience Center


Originally opened in April, 2016, the Customer Experience Center in Pittsburgh (10 minutes from the airport), focuses on the industrialization of additive manufacturing.  Customers can walk through a full additive manufacturing facility to see the operations from powder to final part, and understand the full value stream of additive. 

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