How Concept Laser is Heating up the 3D Printing Industry

June 29, 2017
Concept Laser's 3D printing innovations

Frank Herzog is the founder and CEO of Concept Laser, a pioneering maker of 3D printing machines. Concept Laser’s printers can produce precise hip joint replacements and surgical tools as well entire engine blocks. Last fall, GE acquired a majority stake in Herzog’s company, and Concept Laser is now part of GE Additive, a new GE business dedicated to supplying 3D printers, materials and engineering consulting services.
In 2016, Concept Laser sold more than 150 , and Hund says 750 Concept Laser machines are in service worldwide. With GE Additive, these numbers will grow even faster. In fact, Herzog and his colleagues are now helping GE design the world's largest 3D printer for metals.

We recently traveled to Lichtenfels, Germany, where Concept Laser is based. Take a look at our video.

Top: Concept Laser’s laser-powered machines can print precise hip joint replacements and surgical tools as well as jewelry and entire engine blocks.

This article was originally published on GE Reports.