Get the Facts on… GE Additive's Amp™ Software Platform

September 17, 2021
Software development

Ahead of the launch of the Amp™ software platform later this year, we have released a positioning paper to provide a sneak peek at the solution.  We caught up with GE Additive’s Jeremy Harrington, vice president of business development for software, to learn what readers can expect.

Jeremy Harrington









Firstly, how are the plans for the launch of Amp coming along?

Very well, actually! We’re still on track to launch Amp towards the end of this year. 
As with all our new product introductions, our software team has been working closely with a select handful of advanced users who have industrialized additive manufacturing. This enables us to ensure that our platform delivers what those customers need right now and what other additive users will need in the future - when they reach the point of serial production.

Many companies in the additive industry are focused on software. What has our approach been?

First, additive manufacturing can be difficult and complex. Our goal with software is to simplify where we can - help smooth out the process for our customers - thereby making it easier to get their parts out the door and to add more parts to their additive process when they are ready.

We are trying to reduce the number of tools, simplify the process from CAD design to print and reduce the number of iterations to get to a part meets defined requirements.

The additional complexity with additive manufacturing is that we are starting from a place of fragmentation and are moving to one integrated platform. 

With Amp, our ethos, by design, has been “made by additive users, for additive users.”  That’s not meant to be a marketing cliché. In fact, our approach has been to build on the learnings (from both successes and failures) GE has garnered over the past 10 years while industrializing metal additive technology.  We understand firsthand the challenges manufacturers face when adopting metal additive.

We also tapped into GE’s decades of deep advanced materials science knowledge. That materials expertise and know-how has been invaluable. Additionally, the software applications we have built for ourselves to “get the job done” have become the foundational elements of our Amp software platform. 

That collective in-house expertise has also been bolstered by frank and invaluable feedback from our customers, especially in the aerospace and medical industries, who have beta tested our platform along the way to launch.

Can you give us an executive summary of the paper?

The paper is a great starting point for any additive user thinking about how software can help improve processes and get products to market quicker. It examines how Amp can help customers get to industrialization faster and:

  • DECREASE time and cost of part development
  • INCREASE candidate parts for additive manufacturing 
  • IMPROVE part yield
  • ENHANCE accessibility and collaboration

The paper also contains a useful ‘before and after’ visual depiction showing how Amp can transform the additive design and development process, as well as an overview of the platform’s two modules: Print Model and Simulation & Compensation.


Click here to learn more and download the paper.