Binder Jet Line

In automotive and industrial manufacturing and beyond, it's time for technology changes on the factory floor and in the supply chain. GE's Binder Jet Line can help facilitate that transition. In addition to understanding the challenges of changing manufacturing processes, we also want to help other manufacturers succeed and scale with additive manufacturing.

Customer-centric Innovation

The Binder Jet Line is a complete, configurable ecosystem of production hardware and software to bring an application from concept to full production while safely delivering quality parts, at cost, at scale.

Our technology is currently in pilot production of stainless-steel parts up to 23kg with material properties that exceed casting equivalents with achievable through-hole diameters and wall thicknesses down to 400 μm.

$/cc is the ultimate driver of our technology, aiming to make industrial metal additive manufacturing an economical process for everybody.

Our system offers the ability to integrate into reconfigurable factory cells and is automation ready. We are actively working to enable 20, 40, 100+ machine installations for true industrial production. 

The Series 3 is UL and CE certified, has an inert and sealed environment, powder-free exposure (closed loop), is fully capable of handling reactive and flammable binders and powders, and does not require hazard zoning.

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Proven partnership

The Binder Jet Line has been developed with input from our customer partners as they develop their own, real-world, Binder Jet enabled roadmaps, business cases, applications, and parts.

Regardless of where you are in your AM capabilities, our team can help you identify, design, and produce your specific applications at cost, quality, and scale that fits your needs. Our goal is to enable additive manufacturing to provide a meaningful return on investment throughout the supply chain.

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Hydraulic manifold

  • Ability to machine very precise flow path
  • Demand for improved energy efficiency and improved performance
  • The current manufacturing process is time consuming

By leveraging the design freedom AM offers, the manifold was designed to be extremely compact and efficient. The tubing is organized in a layered approach so that the tubes collectively support one another, creating an exceptionally rigid structure. The short, swept passages enable rapid fluid transfer and easy access for de-powdering and handling. The flange layout is adaptive which allows the manifold to act as one central interface that accommodates all the desired incoming connection angles. 

  • Monolithic construction creates a more durable part
  • Assembly consolidation reduces the overall lead time for production 
  • Elimination of material waste and significant weight reduction
  • Optimized passages offer more efficient system function
  • Improved fluid flow performance 
  • Design freedom for wall thicknesses, inner diameters & fixture points
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Read more about the partnership between GE Additive and Cummins and their path to production of the first metal additive part using binder jet technology.

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Consulting services

Leverage our experts to work beside your team, teaching additive skills and strategies to overcome challenges in additive design, materials, manufacturing and overall production.

For instance, you may need assistance as you develop your material or process specification.

Or, you may have reached a roadblock in qualifying your hardware for production. AddWorks engineers will be there to help.


Are you ready to see how the Binder Jet Line can produce quality production parts safely while saving costs?

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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019