GE Additive Machines

Binder Jet Line - Delivering Quality Parts, At Cost, At Scale

Vision and Timeline

Our focus is to offer an industrial Binder Jet production solution that delivers quality parts at cost, at scale. Product development is on track, and we plan to launch our solution toward the second half of 2021.

It is critically important that when GE Additive brings a new product to market, it can tangibly and immediately demonstrate positive business impact for our customers. Our Binder Jet solution is reliable, safe and engineered to meet our customers’ needs both today and tomorrow. 

Since day one, our Binder Jet development team has been working with partners such as Cummins, Sandvik, Wabtec and others, all of whom have been hands-on with GE. By hands-on, we don’t mean tinkering, experimenting or exploring. We’re working together to develop business cases, product roadmaps, applications and parts. It is important to these partners that our solution is mature, scalable, fit for its purpose and complete. 

Customer-Centric Innovation

GE’s Binder Jet Line activates new potential for industrial scaled manufacturing so you can control real-time adjustments and improvements. This free-form manufacturing technology enables high accuracy levels on intricate shapes and geometries with unparalleled speed and flexibility. GE’s Binder Jet Line gives you a complete, configurable ecosystem of production hardware, software and GE’s AddWorks consultant engineers to bring an application from concept to production. You can now industrialize your metal additive production for automotive and industrial parts in less time and less cost than going it alone. We bring deep materials knowledge and process pedigree from our experience with GE Aviation, Power and Healthcare to work with you to accelerate implementation of additive production in your area of expertise. We want to work closely with customers to ensure alignment of expectations and requirements for applications and factory floor production in your industry.


A production solution must repeatably and reliably produce component geometries in the required material with the required tolerances, surface finish and material properties. It must be possible to automate every step of the process, including de-powdering intricate parts without destroying fine features, then sintering the parts within the desired tolerances.


Total cost of ownership ($/cc) from powder to part in-hand is the ultimate driver of our technology. We aim to make industrial metal additive manufacturing an economical process for everyone. As we drive down the cost of a final part, we open up new application spaces and enable agile innovation for industry. 


Our Binder Jet Line is designed to operate safely at scale. Our systems minimize operator contact with machines and materials. GE’s Binder Jet technology can be integrated into reconfigurable factory cells and is automation ready. We are actively working to enable 20, 40, 100+ machine installations for true industrial production. 

Application Study

The piston is an essential part of the internal combustion engine, key to converting the expanding gas from combustion into motion. The optimum design for strength, weight and durability is limited by the need to withdraw the casting or forging tool from the undercrown. The height of the top ring - critical in controlling in-cylinder emissions and for a short, light piston - is limited by the ability to cool the top ring groove.


By leveraging GE’s Binder Jet Line you can manufacture the piston with a structure optimized for the loads acting on them, without the need to consider tooling access. This redesigned piston has integrated cooling behind the top ring. The structural areas around the pin boss are created by topology optimization software. They can be manufactured 1:1 to the ideal shape without need for compromise for tooling, enabling a lighter and more robust structure. This leads to improved performance and ultimately reduced emissions.