GE Additive Machines

Binder Jet Beta partnership program

Mass production in metal additive is here

Aside from aerospace and medical, most industries have struggled to produce economically viable metal additive parts. While AM has the potential to significantly impact one’s business case, it is not usually “core” to their operations. Given issues such as the complexity of the technology and process, the need for new quality control processes, and the knowledge curve associated with any new technology, AM is an exceedingly difficult area to “go it alone.” Given these fundamental challenges, there are but a few truly industrialized additive companies in the market today.

We are here to change that and are doing so with a select group of partners to co-develop and knowledge share to fully realize the transformative benefits of additive. By leveraging our binder jet technology and our extensive experience in the metal additive field, we hope to work with your team to:  

  • Condense the timeline for capitalizing on additive in your industry
  • Greatly reduce the uncertainties and risk that are inherent with all high-return, transformative technologies


Why partner with GE

  • GE’s ~$2B+ investment into technology, development and industrialization leads the industry
  • The only manufacturer of equipment that is producing high volume additive parts today
  • Partnership goal is to compress 20+ years of additive industrialization down to less than three years for our partners
  • Strong partner who will stand by its commitments

Production Development: Here’s what you can expect

Phase 1: Part Development

1-2 Binder Jet units

  • Embedded GE design and engineering teams drive additive enablement
  • Part geometry and material property development
  • Prototyping/low-rate printing for testing/validation
  • OEE data monitored to build out needed platform improvements
  • Development of machine and process towards a production need (machine, software, binder, process, and materials)
  • Co-development and option to utilize existing global GE infrastructure

Phase 2: Pilot Line

4-8 Binder Jet units (volume/parts dependent)

  • Scale to binder jet pilot lines
  • Machine to machine variability, scalability, yield, and throughput monitored to prioritize industrialization work
  • Platform maturity achieved
  • More parts added in development phases
  • Automation concepts testing

Phase 3: Factory Solution

12+ Binder Jet units

  • Automation solutions developed with customers per industry
  • Software industrialized
  • Customer can choose to build factory internally or outsource scaled production to other early partners of GE Additive

Strategic partnership profile


GE Additive

  • First mover in Binder Jet technology based on business case
  • Internal part development IP + design learnings
  • GE Additive design engineering support
  • Industrialization of machine process, materials, and equipment to meet production levels
  • Part cost out + performance improvements
  • Product and brand differentiation
  • Quicker to market
  • Design flexibility
  • True ROI for mass produced additive parts
  • BETA testing to full volume production with our partners in a defined timeline
  • Accelerated and focused development of machine technology to solve partners production needs
  • Partner to collaborate on automation needs at industry level production
  • Accelerate additive production in market
  • Co-marketing value



Next steps:

As we are already working with the first wave of select partners, we have limited availability left and are targeting to solidify the remaining ~3-4 partnerships by end of Q2 2021. Given the nature of the proposed partnership, we recommend the following actions to get started: 

  1. Customer senior leadership meeting to get buy-in on strategic partnership as well as support for due diligence effort.
  2. Joint product breakout and discovery workshop to identify high value additive projects (at no charge).
  3. Joint business case development (NPV return) to prioritize projects and justify investment (at no charge).
  4. Customize development plan and partnership scope to maximize partnership potential.
  5. Contractual agreement prior to end of Q2 2021.