Additive Manufacturing for Automotive

Additive technology is truly becoming an important part of automotive supply chains. From tooling/prototyping to mass production of engine, transmission, and chassis components, the ready are evaluating how additive can drive greater returns on investment. 

Hit the shop floor running

Now, automotive manufacturers are evaluating how metal additive can drive greater returns on investment with enhanced products and streamlined processes. AM allows OEMs and suppliers to focus on both productivity and quality of parts. 

With GE Additive as your trusted partner, you can:

• Increase productivity and part quality with tooling incorporating conformal cooling channels.
• Save time and costs in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO).

• Rapid prototype castings and parts that used to take months, now shortened to days.
• Produce inventory parts on demand (added value stream for no-source parts).
• Shorten lead time and lower expenditures with an efficient supply chain.
• Improve the final product with materials, like highly alloyed tool steel and pure copper. 

• Truly differentiate your product with new IP.
• Make your prototype technology into your mass production method of choice.
• Leverage GE’s technical expertise and material parameters to go fast with confidence.

Download our playbook "Building the Business Case: Identifying Criteria to Measure ROI for Additive Manufacturing," where we outline 4 steps to create a comprehensive business case and move to production – faster.

Repair and Restoration

AM allows for the repair and optimization of existing tools and parts, which leads to longer product lifetimes and saving costs. A combination process of traditional and additive manufacturing lets you additively build on top of a conventional, pre-manufactured part. That means you can capitalize on the low costs of conventional manufacturing as well as the design freedom and increased product functionality of additive.

Advantages of AM:
• Increases efficiency while maintaining quality 
• Saves time and costs 
• Enables on-demand production 

Supply Chain

Additive can help optimize manufacturing processes and streamline the larger supply chain. Shorten lead times and reduce costs by additively manufacturing castings and custom parts on-demand. 

Advantages of AM:
• Reduces lead time
• Lowers expenditures
• Enables customization
• Improves tool stability
• Streamlines the supply chain

Additive Benefits for the Automotive Industry  

Weight reduction 
Additive manufacturing efficiencies can lead to optimized, lightweight systems and system integration.

Improved aerodynamics
Compact, consolidated systems can be contoured to aero shape requirements.
Design freedom for turbo/supercharging 
AM allows for complex aero, leveraging best-in-class turbomachinery designs.

Enhanced thermal management
AM enables the production of optimized, efficient heat exchangers that reduce and recover wasted heat.

Support electrification 
Small, lightweight, integrated electric machines and fuel cells are possible through additive.

Optimized manufacturing footprint/speed
Minimize global manufacturing footprint, reduce inventory and energy usage and maximize speed and minimize time to market and environmental impact through additive manufacturing.

Case study

HRE Wheels is revolutionizing the wheel with additive manufacturing

  • Revolutionary method of custom wheel fabrication
  • Printed in 5 separate spoke sections
  • 50 kg forging reduced to 10 kg (80% less waste) with Arcam EBM technology
  • Post Processing: 5 hour machine time reduced to 15 mins

Our machine solutions

Our experts will help you find the right machine type for your automotive application.


We’ve carefully developed our powders to seamlessly fit into the entire GE Additive ecosystem and provide total compatibility with our machines. We provide metal powder, process settings and support for these materials ideal for the automotive industry:

  • Stainless Steels
  • Maraging Steel 
  • Aluminums
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Titanium 
  • Cobalt Chrome



We recognize the main challenge of the automotive industry is the integration of additive technology into series production. We work throughout the automotive supply chain, with a focus on the development and adoption of additive technology and helping manufacturers achieve ever more demanding performance targets. Our team is ready to help you bring new innovation to market faster.

What are our Workshops? 
Learn foundational knowledge and additive strategies in a classroom environment. Workshops typically run three to five days.

What are the Application Sprints? 
Get comprehensive support anywhere on your path to production with workshops and training, and/or hands-on consulting with GE’s AddWorks experts.