Introducing Amp: Our new software solution

GE Additive now brings together all additive manufacturing build-prep tools into one powerful software platform called Amp.


GE Additive understands the challenges manufacturers face when adopting metal additive. When we couldn’t find an easy-to-use software solution that met our needs , we created it. Developed exclusively for GE Additive machines, Amp integrates the tools engineers need to manage, process and manufacture metal additive parts in one integrated platform—built on GE’s expertise and experience. 

What is Amp?

Using lessons learned from years of additive part development, GE streamlined the experience to help move companies toward industrialization faster and provide users with recommendations based on best practices.

From development to print production, Amp offers a flexible, streamlined workflow manufacturers can use to improve part production and significantly reduce trial and error needed to develop print-ready parts.

See how the power of Amp simplifies today's fragmented process.

Additive process with Amp

Amp offers two modules to help you optimize your additive process and enable collaboration.

are you ready?

Achieve a true competitive advantage by industrializing metal additive parts while reducing total process time and final part cost.   

See how Amp works for you:

  • Scale software usage to meet your business needs, with GE-hosted, private-cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Automate manual tasks based on best practices, saving time and money
  • Facilitate business case development with built-in cost and time estimates
  • On-board team members to be productive faster with simplified, cost-effective training

Are you ready to learn how Amp™ can shorten your
time to production and save you money?

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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019