Additive consulting experts

GE Additive's AddWorks team consists of 70+ global engineers focused on design, materials and process industrialization. AddWorks imbeds our experts with your team, learning what your products do now and what you need them to do in the future. For customers who are series about scaling additive production, our team can help get you there faster. 


We're building a world that works. 

Every day, our talented AddWorks consulting team uses its extensive AM experience to guide customers along their additive journey. From essential trainings to final part production, the AddWorks team works shoulder-to-shoulder with our customers, helping them use this transformative technology to change their businesses—and the future.


  • Informed decision making shortens their capital equipment purchase cycle down to seven months.
  • We showed the customer how to unlock enough applications to maintain full annual capacity on two machines, on their own, in four months.
  • High equipment utilization rates reduce payback period and increase overall ROI.
  • We taught the customer how to make critical business decisions around additive independently and cost-effectively.

Collaborate with AddWorks today to find your faster path to full-scale metal additive production.

Collaborate with us to:

Accelerate innovation

Identify and build strong business cases, leading to better performance and/or cost reduction. We can help bring innovative parts to market faster when you brainstorm and solve problems alongside our additive experts. 

Reduce risk

We can help make an additive manufacturing business case, illustrating the economic and performance benefits for your organization. We can help co-design parts, introduce disruptive design and print proof-of-concept prototypes and low-rate production. Tap into our advanced technical capabilities to qualify your metal additive parts faster and increase your success rate with additive parts. 

lower costs

Whether you’re looking to additively manufacture parts in industries like aerospace, medical, automotive or any other industry, GE's AddWorks team applies best practices and a proven methodology to solve your biggest technical and business challenges. Shorten your time to market and find cost savings wherever you are in the additive process with tailored solutions designed for your team. 

Improve part performance and processes

Leverage our team of additive designers, engineers and material scientists to optimize your parts and processes with a systematic approach that goes beyond the part. We will help explore product solutions that aim to differentiate your parts technically and provide significant performance benefits. 

transform your business

Rewrite the rules of manufacturing, optimize your supply chain and open new market opportunities with our unparalleled expertise and proven methodology. We provide training to launch your organization's cultural transformation, develop an AM adoption roadmap and more.



Discovery Workshop
Learn how to select the right parts for AM. Create your business case by drafting a strategic roadmap that includes your project list with cost analysis, benefits and an implementation strategy. 

Design Workshop
Learn to design, analyze and prepare AM parts, including support structures and process modeling. Gain a new understanding of advanced AM design and how to optimize parts for the AM process. 

Industrialization Workshop 
Access tools, such as machines and facilities, to enable full production. Create a step-by-step planto move toward production of your metal additive part.

AddWorks Workshops

Application Sprints

Concept Sprint 
Our Discovery Workshop combined with developing a plan for a selected application. Our team will help you develop the concept and refine your business case. Expect a final concept and roadmap for the next phase of your additive journey at the end of this sprint. 

Development Sprint
Our Design Workshop plus advanced techniques to help iterate design and methods for metal additive parts. Arrive at a final design and a roadmap for industrialization and production.

Production Sprint
The Production Sprint includes our Industrialization Workshop tailored to your specific application. This sprint also includes the development of process specifications, to help enable the production of  your application. 

AddWorks Design Support

Engineering services

Let our experts tackle the challenges for you. We can take your part requirements and develop the application-specific design, material or manufacturing process to meet your needs so you can explore additive without adding infrastructure to adopt the technology.

Consulting services

Leverage our experts to work beside your team, teaching additive skills and strategies to overcome challenges in additive design, materials, manufacturing and overall production.

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Printing services

Printing additive parts is both an art and science. The right experience and technological equipment are necessary to print successful parts that meet product requirements. We have experience transitioning prototype parts to production in our AS9100 certified Cincinnati, Ohio facility. We’ll develop your manufacturing process to help maximize productivity and throughput. 

Printing services enable our customers to supplement their supply chain while they establish their additive part procurement strategy. GE will leverage in-network additive machines to accelerate the development and industrialization of a customer’s application.

M2 Series 5 Lichtenfels Germany
achieving qualification

You’re ready to or have already invested lots of time and money into additive. You have your additive business case, illustrating the economic and performance benefits for your organization. But how do you qualify your selected components faster and with an increased success rate, therefore lowering your potential for investment loss?

Are you ready to move into additive production faster with
GE Additive’s AddWorks consulting services?

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Tomas Kellner
19 September 2019