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Additive Manufacturing Software

Results matter, so the process matters. Our 3D printing software is revolutionizing additive manufacturing.

We create parts with a freedom of design unforeseen in traditional subtractive manufacturing, making the impossible possible. We do it by using technology we’ve proven ourselves and materials knowledge we’ve accrued over decades. This software is a testament to that experience. Designed with our customers in mind, its fundamental strengths enhance the part design-to-build process at every step.

Introducing our new additive manufacturing software strategy

Our new software strategy, centers on simplifying the additive process and enabling an interoperable workflow. Our vision is to create a common experience through a secure, intuitive tool that reduces design iterations and speeds up the time to print a good part, according to the design intent.

Our additive manufacturing software’s strengths and features make it easier than ever to print your design intent.

CAD Integration

Through our partnerships with leading CAD vendors, design engineers can easily interface with GE Additive services and printers. Users receive early producibility estimation as they design.

Features and benefits:

  • Secure REST APIs with bi-directional data flow integrate CAD tools with the GE Additive build preparation solution
  • View cost and time estimations and build simulation and distortion compensation results directly from the CAD tool
  • Rapid feedback on print quality and product build cost helps operators manage projects
  • An optimized design for GE Additive machines means a smooth transition to GE Additive build preparation software
  • Linking results to PLM workflow creates cross-functional collaboration

Simulation (powered by GeonX Virfac® iAM) and Compensation

Predict distortions, residual stresses, recoater interference and defects before manufacturing. Our one-of-a-kind, automated, iterative distortion compensation applies corrections before launching production, reducing build trials.


Extraordinarily fast, process-smart slicing ensures original CAD alignment. Integrated into our workflow, it’s optimized for small and large data sets alike.

Features and benefits:

  • 6-10 times faster than competitors
  • File size is ~50% smaller than competitors
  • No STL export required
  • Thin section and small feature identification
  • Complex latticing with millions of cells

Off-Machine Build Processing

Our off-machine build processor pre-calculates machine instructions, freeing up valuable machine time.

Features and benefits:

  • Eliminates lag time between layers, resulting in higher productivity and lower cost
  • Generates one build file that can be distributed across multiple machines
  • Reduces print time of complex parts by up to 50%

Melt Pool Analytics

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