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AP&C Powder Metallurgy Materials

As specialists in spherical metal powder production designed for additive manufacturing, AP&C offers quality powders for all additive manufacturing technologies. Our level of precision powders are available at competitive prices–allowing for reliable and cost-efficient production. 


AP&C is the leader in the production of Titanium and Nickel alloysOur unique process produces highly spherical metal powder designed for excellent flowability and low porosity. 

Fields of application

Advanced plasma atomization

AP&C’s proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization (APA™) are well adapted for all additive manufacturing technologies – from R&D to large-scale production, offering exceptional flowability,  purity and density with a very low level of porosity. The high quality of their powder allows  for more precise printing and batch-to-batch consistency.

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Quality commitment

AP&C plasma atomized powders were developed to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and medical industries.

We strive for success by continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality system, productivity, service and production capacity to maintain our competitive advantage.


AP&C stands out as a leader in the production of spherical metal powders

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