Concept Laser M2 Series 5

GE Additive is pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing with the next generation of DMLM machine. Built for superior part quality, machine usability and repeatability, the new M2 Series 5 is the solution of choice for highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical.

Now available with dual 1kW lasers

Designed and optimized in partnership with industry leading customers

The M2 Series 5 is supporting customers with very high expectations towards part quality and consistency as well as process validation to unlock new possibilities in production. It is ideal for industries that require safety-relevant parts, such as aerospace and medical. This also helps to drive best-in-class productivity for lower overall cost.

We have worked closely with our customers to perfect the M2 Series 5. Optimizing speed and productivity, part-to-part and machine-to-machine consistency, reliability, uptime and quality control. The machine’s components and systems have been designed for maximum performance in a highly regulated, industrial environment.

BUILD VOLUME: Max. 245 x 245 x 350 mm (x,y,z)
LASER POWER: 2 x 1kW (cw) OR 2 x 400 W (cw)
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"For an entire year, teams from GE Additive and GE Aviation co-located to collaborate on critical characteristics needed for the next iteration of the M2, the M2 Series 5. The focus was on making good parts, and getting input on mechanical operations, performance and productivity of the machine, and gaining improvements in reliability and quality."

— Chris Schuppe, general manager, engineering, GE Additive

Hear what Eric Gatlin, additive leader for GE Aviation, has to say about his team's collaboration with GE Additive and the M2 Series 5 machine.

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Why is gas flow important?

Additive technologies have evolved rapidly from a combination of independent laser, powder, software and gas flow subsystems, into the highly sophisticated machine architectures we see today. Download our white paper "Continuous Improvement in Gas Flow Design" to learn more about the technical updates and why gas flow is so important to the AM process.

With this technical white paper exploring innovation in gas flow we caught up with its authors Benedikt Roidl and Thomas Fauner to find out more.

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Results matter, so the process matters — introducing Amp, GE's software platform

Developed exclusively for GE machines, Amp™ integrates the tools engineers need to manage, process and manufacture metal additive parts on one integrated platform—built on GE’s expertise and experience. From development to print production, Amp offers a flexible, streamlined workflow so manufacturers can improve part production and significantly reduce trial and error needed to develop print-ready parts. 

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