M2 Series 5

GE Additive is pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing again with the next generation of DMLM machine. Built for superior part quality, machine usability and repeatability, the new Concept Laser M2 Series 5 is the solution of choice for highly regulated industries like aerospace and medical.

m2 series 5

M2 Series 5

Repeatability at scale

Now available with dual 1kW lasers

Designed and optimized in partnership with leading aviation customers

The M2 Series 5 – now available with dual 1kW lasers – is  supporting customers with very high expectations towards part quality and consistency as well as process validation to unlock new possibilities in production.It is ideal for industries that require safety-relevant parts, such as aerospace and medical. This also helps to drive best-in-class productivity for lower overall cost.

We have worked closely together with our customers to perfect the M2 Series 5, optimizing speed and productivity, part-to-part and machine-to-machine consistency, reliability, uptime and quality control. The machine’s components and systems have been designed for maximum performance in a highly regulated, industrial environment.

M2 Series 5 allows you to take full advantage of design for additive to achieve objectives such as weight reduction, improved mechanical properties and material upgrades with a high-productivity system that drive to best-in-class cost.


  • 400W or 1kW dual-laser system with full overlap
  • Improved gas flow system
  • 3D optics with 70 – 500 μm spot size
  • Inert sieving and powder exchange
  • Pre-calculation software saves time with complex parts
  • Laser safety T1 machine certification
  • QuickStart functionality

Laser Power

Fibre Laser 2x1kW (cw)

Fibre Laser 2 x 400 W (cw)

Optional 1 x 400 W (cw) 

Build volume

Max. 245 x 245 x 350 mm (x,y,z)

 Click on the powders and parameters below to download available datasheets: 

M2 Series 5

 Powders and Parameters available 

 • Stainless Steel 316L datasheet
 • Stainless Steel 17-4PH datasheet
 • Maraging Steel M300 datasheet
 • Aluminum AlSi10Mg datasheet
 • Aluminum A205 datasheet
 • Aluminum AlSi7Mg datasheet
 • Nickel 718 datasheet
 • Nickel 625
 • Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI Grade 23 datasheet
 • Titanium Ti6242 datasheet
 • Titanium cp-Ti datasheet
 • Cobalt CoCrMo datasheet


Materials in development

• remanium® star CL (CoCrW) 
• Tool Steel H13






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