M Line Factory

DMLM metal machines from Concept Laser use lasers to melt layers of fine metal powder and create complex metal 3D geometries with incredible precision directly from a CAD file. Several different machine envelope sizes — including the largest powder-bed metal additive system in the world — are available to meet the needs of any industry. Innovative features, including the patented LaserCUSING® technology, set these machines apart.

m line

M Line Factory


The M Line Factory offers a new type of modular machine architecture which offers an unprecedented level of automation and innovation, that allows economical series production on an industrial scale.

The basic idea is to physically decouple the machine units used for part production and for set-up and dismantling processes. These tasks can now be carried out in parallel and physically separately from one another thanks to the modular architecture.

As a result, current stoppage times for the machines, as a result of manual processes such as supplying or exhausting metal powder, are reduced to a minimum. This will deliver considerable time and cost savings.


  • Time-saving exposure coating strategy with supreme quality standards
  • Redundancy of build plate cover thanks to the lasers
  • Optimized filter concept for maximum machine running time
  • Completely redeveloped and modular software, designed for series production
  • Unique innovative safety concept
  • Automatic tool changeover without any interruption to part production (in development)


  • Cobalt CoCrMo
  • Nickel 718 CL
  • Aluminum A205

Laser Power

3D optics with 4 x 400W fiber laser
4 x 1.000W fiber laser (in development) 

Build volume

500 x 500 x up to 400 mm (x,y,z)

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