Arcam EBM A2X

EBM machines from Arcam EBM create dimensionally accurate parts quickly and efficiently by utilizing a high-power electron beam for high melting capacity and productivity. The Arcam EBM process takes place in vacuum and at high temperature, resulting in stress-relieved components with material properties better than cast and comparable to wrought material.


Arcam EBM A2X


The Arcam EBM A2X machine is appreciated for material studies because it operates in a vacuum which provides a clean and controlled environment and minimizes the risk of contamination. Using electrons as energy carriers, provides deep energy penetration and low reflection in the powder.

Arcam EBM has a long experience of material development and has today tested and build with over 40 materials, many of them together with customers. You can benefit from this experience through our training and consultancy services.

For Academia and Research Institutes the A2X is delivered with Development mode, after suitable training. This makes it possible to control more machine and process parameter settings in the machine software for advanced process development.

The build chamber of the Arcam A2X is specifically designed to withstand extremely high process temperatures over 1100° C. Building at elevated temperatures, eliminates residual stress and ensures superior material properties. This opens the door for unique possibilities to additively manufacture crack prone materials such as Titanium Aluminide.

The A2X system offers low operational cost, low cost of consumables, efficient reuse of powder and low powder cost. The A2X comes with a durable and robust filament as an energy source which endures the stresses that material development can entail.


  • Ideal platform for material development and research
  • High process temperatures
  • Open software for process development

Electron Beam Power

3000 W

Build volume

200 x 200 x 380 mm (x,y,z)


  • Arcam EBM Ti6Al4V Grade 5, P-Material
  • Arcam EBM Ti6Al4V Grade 23, P-Material
  • Arcam EBM Nickel alloy 718, D-Material
  • Arcam EBM TiAl, D-Material

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