Additive materials solutions

One of the more complex and technical aspects of additive manufacturing is the materials used to create metal parts. It’s also one of the most important considerations when embarking on your additive journey.  Here’s where the AddWorks materials consultants can leverage their years of experience and utilize their expertise to help you navigate additive materials and make sure you're using the right materials for your applications.


There are a number of services that the AddWorks consultants offer to assist with materials solutions.


Materials and process roadmap

Consider AddWorks your GPS on your additive journey. By planning up front, you can avoid costly pitfalls later on and get to your destination more quickly.

Materials selection

Our experts will advise you on materials that are available, testing protocols, process parameters to steer you in the right direction.

Material performance impacts design

Our materials engineers have decades of collective expertise to help you optimize the right material for your design by selecting and correctly creating the process parameters of the materials that fit your application.

Novel alloy development

We harness our expertise in materials design and engineering, additive manufacturing, and powder metallurgy to develop custom alloys and materials solutions that best fit your application. 

Parameter customization

Our team of engineers and metallurgists will work closely with you to make sure your custom parameters yield the expected results time after time.

Post processing and heat treatments

After a build, parts may need thermal treatments to yield the necessary material properties. Each thermal treatment has a specific “recipe,” and AddWorks can help you develop the right ones for your materials.

Characterization and data testing

We know how to run more effective data testing methods to account for the variables in additive and statistically evaluate that data.

Powder handling

There are a multitude of requirements for handling, storing, using, reusing metal powders. We will give you guidance in this process.

Site design

Our industrial design team can create floor plans to accommodate the necessary number of machines and supporting equipment, situated for optimized flow of work.


The AddWorks team offers training in a variety of additive topics, which can be delivered in a variety of ways.


Additive solutions across industries

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You can fashion almost anything on a 3D printer these days, from the most intricate airplane parts to near-perfect replicas of the human skull. But back in 2007, few had printed an object that could be implanted into someone else’s body.

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