Disruptive design solutions

Additive manufacturing has transformed the world’s approach to making things. This disruptive technology has opened the door to design freedoms and enabled designers and engineers to print what they can imagine.


The concept of additive manufacturing sounds simple enough: using a computer-aided design (CAD) model as a guide, melt layer upon layer of metal powder until a part is formed. But, there are endless factors to consider when starting to make parts using additive manufacturing. For example, engineers need to know how to design for additive; technicians need to know how to program and maintain the machines.


That’s why GE Additive introduced AddWorks™.


AddWorks puts GE’s prodigious experience and expertise at your fingertips to shorten the learning curve for introducing additive manufacturing into your business or industry.


AddWorks from GE Additive helps your organization successfully navigate its additive journey.

Create new, disruptive additive designs



We will help explore product solutions that aim to differentiate your parts technically and may provide significant performance benefits.


Our assessment can determine if a part is appropriate for additive or better produced conventionally. We will help illustrate the economic and performance benefits for your organization.


AddWorks engineers and designers will work alongside your teamand design newly created parts to achieve your goals. This is wherewe excel.


AddWorks can design new complex design geometries, making parts and systems that are lighter, stronger and more efficient.


Our extensive experience across many industries — working with multiple additive modalities and operating in a production-level environment — allows AddWorks to provide unique design innovation.



GE Additive has changed the way we are thinking about our product line and our technology roadmap.

 Ground Transportation Client

Make innovation a reality with AddWorks



After parts have been designed, we accelerate this innovation further, working together on prototypes and small-run production to test performance.


When the time is right, we can help you decide how to fully implement additive in-house — to embrace and move ahead with the innovative transformation to this advanced manufacturing technology. Or, if it makes sense, to connect you with a production partner.


The impact AddWorks will have on your organization is lasting. We help create an additive mindset, collaborating as the team rethinks solutions using design for additive techniques. The AddWorks team creates a customized training plan for your organization and helps your team to begin to develop additive innovation on its own. This does not happen overnight, but AddWorks supports you along the entire journey.


Additive solutions across industries

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