Tatiana De Nevi

Chief Operating Officer

Tatiana De Nevi

Tatiana is a Chief Operating Officer at GE Licensing. She is based in Menlo Park, CA and joined the team in 2015.

Leading the group’s operations and strategy teams, Tatiana’s focus is to enable the business to scale through developing critical operational processes, streamlining commercial operations and driving analytics that empower data driven management decisions.

Before this role, Tatiana was the Senior Director of Operations & Strategy for GE Licensing, where she managed all financial aspects and was key in re-engineering the financial statements to reflect the new business strategy. She was part of Corporate Audit Staff – GE’s leadership development program for finance professionals and advised LiSiM (fin tech startup based on Bogota, Colombia) in their efforts to scale.

During her 9+ years with GE, Tatiana focused on building tremendous expertise in corporate finance, controllership, systems implementation, process efficiency and operational excellence. She is a problem-solver, who finds creative ways of approaching complex problems. She is trusted for her critical thinking and the ability to develop business strategy and connect it to day to day business operations.

Tatiana holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the International Business School, Oxford Brookes University, and is a graduate of two of GE’s leadership development programs for finance professionals: Financial Management Program (FMP) and Corporate Audit Staff (CAS).