GE Global Operations Data Sciences

About Us

GE Global Operations Data Sciences (GDS)  is an advanced analytical team created by GE over 10 years ago to solve the company’s most complex marketing and sales challenges. We are dedicated to driving successful commercial operation and growth objectives for our clients by solving data challenges and providing advanced data analytics, insights, and capabilities.

Our Mission is to Unlock Hidden Gems...


This is our passion. We seek to unlock hidden gems and opportunities from any data set … any industry, any function, any format. We do this through three primary pillars of work:

  • Modeling for prediction, targeting, and optimization
  • Primary research to identify, develop, and implement data-driven and transformational brand, product, and marketing strategies
  • Machine Learning and automation to take insights and decision making to the next level of efficiency and accuracy


With An Exceptional Team...


With a team recruited, hired, and trained through GE’s talent acquisition processes, our team has grown to over 70 Ph.D. and Masters educated employees. All team members hold analytical degrees in areas such as data science, mathematics, statistics, and engineering.

With US headquarters in Norwalk, CT and 2 analytical hubs located in Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India, GE Global Decision Sciences has the capability and experience to serve global needs across all industries. Click here to learn more about our team.


And a Unique Differentiation...


Enterprise Solutions

Our team consists of experienced leaders with primary research, data science, and sales operations expertise. This enables our team to deliver wing to wing project support; from consulting & design stages, to execution and delivery of results, to actual implementation.

Diverse Business Expertise

With over 10 years of experience working across GE’s global businesses and its customers, we are versed in many industries, functions, and global regions.


We aim to deliver both impact and value to our clients. Utilizing our internal and external network of resources, our goal is to ensure solutions that are tailored to the needs and constraints of your business.


Explore our Analytical Services


Predictive Modeling: Your decisions will be accurate if you can anticipate the future. We can build predictive and machine learning models which can help you identify the future risk and opportunity enabling you to make better decisions.

Data Visualization: Let the data speak about your business. Perform exploratory analysis to identify issues or opportunities. Implement trending/monitoring solutions. Control who can view what information. Get rid of bulky spreadsheets that are error prone. Automating processes will reduce errors and provide real time information about your data.

Artificial Intelligence: Amount of data available these days changes every second. And you want your machine to trained by the latest information available. We can develop and implement the Artificial intelligence solutions for your business.

Robotics Process Automation: RPA is revolutionizing the way we think about and administer business processes.  Software 'robots' are built to perform processes by mimicking the way people interact with business applications. As stand alone, or combined with machine learning, RPA offers significant potential for back office productivity.

Market Research: From market potential through the entire customer life cycle, our team of research experts can guide you through the most effective means of collecting customer voice to understand and optimize your markets, customers, and products.

Salesforce Enablement: Knowing your market space, understanding the profiles and needs of customers, and having a strategy to deploy and effectively utilize your sales force are at the core of a successful sales strategy. Our team of data experts can help take your business to the next level of sales effectiveness.

Pricing Analytics: From understanding what customers value and optimal product price points, to analyzing product discount practices and their impacts to margin, our team of experts can help guide development of pricing strategies and practices.