Ecomagination 2020 Partnerships

Partnerships to Transform Tomorrow

GE Ecomagination is applying new digital industrial solutions to the world’s most pressing energy and water challenges. But we can’t do it alone.

GE is partnering with eight global, like-minded companies to co-create and commercialize transformative solutions to these challenges. With ground-breaking technology, new business models and innovative funding structures, we will lead a new era of industry and establish a network of problem solvers.

With our collective scale and reach we will have significant business and environmental impact and inspire others to take action.

“Our goal is to create a network effect. We want to inspire more companies to work together and tackle the world’s greatest resource problems. This is about co-development of solutions that can be scaled globally. Global water and energy challenges require immediate action and the business community isn’t going to wait.”
Deb Frodl, Ecomagination’s Global Executive Director

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Across sectors and around the world, the environmental impact and economic cost of energy and water use is staggering. So is the opportunity.

Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas

Emissions from flaring and venting:

1,420 million metrics
tons CO2/year

Water consumption:

22,189 billion

Value of energy consumed:

$1,252 billion/year

Value of electricity from off-grid diesel:

$51 billion/year

Value of electricity consumed:

$29 billion/year
Water Treatment
Water Treatment
Emissions from waste water treatment:

250 million tons



Deploy renewable hybrid power systems to address energy needs in emerging economies
Masdar City

Employ energy-neutral solutions to amplify water reclamation and treatment opportunities
BHP Billiton

Electrify and digitize mining transportation and infrastructure systems to reduce lifecycle emissions

Implement smart technologies to enhance industrial efficiencies

Accelerate retail energy modernization to rapidly scale energy efficiency
Goldman Sachs and
MWH Global

Harness disruptive finance models and technologies to tackle global water shortages