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GE sales leaders are among the best in the world, continuing a legacy of serving our customers that spans over 130 years. This type of success doesn't happen by accident, and it doesn't happen without a continued emphasis on growing and developing; adding to our strong foundations over time.
GE's marketing function is all about delivering superior business impact and results. We rigorously focus on customers; measure and assign accountability; attract, develop, and retain best-in-class talent; and methodically align our work against evolving business strategies.
GE's IT professionals are helping accelerate the future of GE by enabling business processes, driving simplification while ensuring the security of our information and assets, and increasing collaboration for employees, customers and partners through digital innovations. Never before has IT been more essential.
GE's HR team is about being a real business partner, focused on building culture, talent, and capability, supporting global growth, and being an effective employee advocate at the same time.
GE's expertise in finance goes beyond GE Capital. In every GE business finance people are key to our business success, from analysts to auditors.
GE's modern-day 'Edisons' are redefining what's possible and helping to solve some of the biggest challenges of our time. Our technologists come from every part of the world and represent virtually every science and engineering field.
Our mission as communicators at GE is to enable growth by engaging and influencing stakeholders in order to protect and enhance the reputation, culture and brand of GE. Put simply, we want to be the best communications team in the business. You can help.

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