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episode 07 Visions of Health

segment one : A Slice of Life


In the old days, doctors sliced you open to examine your body. But today, with the help of powerful body imaging technology, they can look at “slices” of your anatomy without a scalpel.

Many body imaging devices follow a principle called tomography (the ‘T’ in CT, PET and SPECT systems), which take images of body “slices” using everything from projection data to powerful magnets. But have you ever wondered how such routine procedures can help clinicians see things that used to require a sharp knife? Watch how GE’s body imaging technology can paint a bigger picture of what’s happening beneath our skin.

segment two : The Power of Perspective


Fighting cancer can feel like fighting a ghost. But sometimes, all it takes is a shift in perspective to help us find the answers we’ve been looking for.

Did you know that “cancer” is just a name for hundreds of different diseases? Makes diagnosis and treatment seem pretty tough. However, Clarient − a GE Healthcare company − is helping us better understand the unique behaviors of different types of cancer. Watch and learn how this new perspective is arming doctors with the knowledge they need to improve survival rates.

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segment three : Pattern Recognition


Data. Most people think of it as a dry, stale set of numbers taken at face value. But if you look at these numbers as a whole, you’ll learn that there’s a lot more hiding beneath the surface.

The most recent – and possibly most significant – leap in the medical world lies in our ability to use individual data points to tell a bigger story. Think of each data point as a pixel in a digital image. Alone, each carries a specific meaning which may not say much. But when you look at them as a whole, a bigger picture becomes apparent, and new truths float to the surface.

GE is currently helping doctors use data in aggregate through healthcare software called Medical Quality Information Consortium (MQIC). MQIC is a database of medical records from over 20 million de-identified patients. This allows doctors across a variety of specializations to better understand health trends and help evaluate different courses of treatment

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