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episode 08 Manufacturing

segment one : Factory Flyovers


Big things come from big factories.

GE has facilities that span over forty football fields, producing everything from 1½-ton gas turbines to full-on locomotives. To get a better idea, join us as we travel through the majestic open spaces of some of America’s largest factories--GE’s Healthcare, Transportation and Aviation plants. If you’ve ever felt small, or big, wait till you experience this.

segment two : Minecraft Mastery


If you’re a maker at heart, you’re probably one of the 10 million people geeking out over this online construction adventure.

Minecraft is a low-fi, 3D-blocked game that allows users to mine resources and turn them into building blocks. Players then use additive manufacturing techniques to build amazing structures from the ground up. Watch the video to see our Minecraft reconstruction of the Edison Memorial Tower. If your inner builder starts jonesing for some action, we’ve provided a downloadable .schematic file for you to try at home.

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