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episode two

Electric Vehicles

segment one : SO NEAR, SO GOOD

Seems like we spend half of our life behind the wheel, but most of us don't actually drive very far. On average, we drive fewer than 30 miles each day. So an EV could be the perfect car for many of us. See how far you really drive: enter your daily routine on the map, and calculate your total.


Electric vehicles sound great in theory, but how will they fit into my life? Am I going to have to change my routine? Where will I plug in? Will I only be able to shop on Electric Avenue? The infrastructure that supports EV's is already being built. We'll show you where we are today, and what's coming very soon. And then we'll take it higher.

segment three : ELECTRIC AVENUE

Drive an electric vehicle around town, doing the things you normally do. Your goal is to get things done while keeping a charge. You get points for driving smart and thinking ahead. Kind of like in real life.


The changeover to electric vehicles has already begun. We're witnessing a revolution that could mean more to our future- and that of our children - than any in our lifetime. Where did it come from, and where will it all end up? Explore the past and future of the EV ecosphere.

segment five : ROLLOUT REALITY

There are some impressive numbers connected with EVs - lots more of this, much less of that. But what do the numbers mean? See the stories behind them, and why they matter to you.


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