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episode eight Manufacturing

Technology has transformed both big and little areas of the industrial world: building gigantic factories, expanding global networks, and creating smaller, more precise machining. This episode will explore the big and small ways GE is innovating on both ends of the scale spectrum, reconnecting us with our childlike curiosity of how things are made.

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episode seven Visions of Health

Despite the great leaps that have been made in modern medicine, there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding our health. Watch how GE is exploring unchartered territory in medical imaging and visualization techniques to solve many of these age-old problems.

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episode six Future Flight

Domestic air traffic is expected to double over the next twenty years, creating new challenges for both the industry and passengers. Watch and learn how GE is turning to new ideas and technology to prepare for the future of flight.

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episode five Solar

In a time when resources are becoming more and more limited, we need to reexamine the ways in which we use them. This episode explores the power of the sun and how people are turning the world's oldest energy resource, into its newest one.

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episode four The Rebirth of Rails

Efficient, high-speed train systems hold the key to the future of mass transportation in a crowded world. See how far trains have come and dive into the exciting future of rails.

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episode three Flight!

We have been chasing the dream of flight for millennia. And yet, as we have conquered this frontier, it has become mundane, almost an annoyance. In this episode, we will reconnect with the magic of flying.

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episode two Electric Vehicles

From economy compacts to super high-performance sports machines, the electric car is here to stay. You might think it's the latest thing, but electric cars were first built in the 1890's. Today's electrics have come far, and are ready to go farther. Learn about the future of power storage and charging stations and see how they'll fit in your life. We won't leave you stranded; promise.

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episode one Healthy Hospitals

Today's hospitals are under siege - stretched to the limits of their capacities and beyond. Explore how GE uses new ideas and technologies to make our healthcare resources work better.

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