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    Don Wagner
    Account Executive GE Transportation

    Check out to see how GE’s Trip Optimizer is using big data to help keep trains on schedule and provide cost savings for shippers.

    Bill Clement
    Vice President Intermodal, CSX Transportation

    Check out to see how @CSX & @GETransport create one of the most efficient/reliable freight #transportation networks in the world.

    Reuben Wu
    Sound & Visual Artist

    The past 2 months, I've been working on this audio/video for @GE. 100s of hours of sampling/filming/composing went into this 2 minute piece!

    Trip Optimizer™ System

    GE’s Trip Optimizer System automatically controls a locomotive’s throttle and dynamic brakes, helping keep trains on schedule while minimizing fuel burn.

    Trip Optimizer™ System
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    GE is reimagining manufacturing with 3D printed parts, spray-on metals and space age materials.

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