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The Next Industrial Revolution Has Arrived

New ways to make parts that will take performance to another level and bring together new partners that change the way we work across the globe. Learn about what we’re doing—and more importantly, where we’re going.

Prabhjot Singh
Manager, Additive Manufacturing Lab, GE Global Research

Looking forward to meeting everyone at #Rapid2013 tomorrow. Don't forget to stop by the #GE booth to learn what we are doing in #additive.

Greg Morris
Additive Strategy & Business Development

RAPID conference in Pitt is a few days away. Additive manufacturing is getting a lot of press, and GE leads the way:

Mike Cloran
Marketing Communications Lead

Had a great opening night at #Rapid2013. Looking forward to meeting everyone and talking about GE's advances in additive manufacturing!

10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2013

MIT Technology Review includes additive manufacturing in a list of the top ten breakthrough technologies this year, showing how GE is on the verge of using 3-D printing to make parts for airplane engines.

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