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Do you remember Ronald Reagan from his years in Hollywood, his career at GE, or his Presidency? Has Ronald Reagan inspired you? Share your story with us.

From 1954 to 1962, Ronald Reagan served as a roving ambassador for GE. During that time, he traveled the country, visited GE factories and met some 250,000 GE employees along the way. Those eight years were a unique and remarkable time in our company’s history. GE is deeply honored to serve as the presenting sponsor of the Ronald Reagan Centennial and to help celebrate the man who inspired our company with his optimism, belief in the power of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

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“Apparently ignoring his busy schedule, he stepped into my office, reminisced for a few moments about his radio days, then wished me good luck and moved on.”

– Rich Overholtzer, GE Retiree, recalling his meeting with Ronald Reagan

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Ronald Reagan in Bloomington, Illinois circa 1950s

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