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Remembering Ronald Reagan

Most every Sunday from 1954 to 1962, as the host of a popular television program called General Electric Theater, Ronald Reagan brought his unique spirit of optimism and belief in the power of innovation into American homes.

“Progress in products goes hand in hand with providing progress in the human values that enrich the lives of us all” was the refrain that Ronald Reagan repeated thousands of times as host of General Electric Theater and a roving ambassador for GE. Throughout his eight years at GE, a time of remarkable technological achievement for GE and the United States, Ronald Reagan also traveled across the country, visiting GE factories, sharing his enthusiasm for progress and leaving a lasting impression on everyone he met.

Progress Reports

Nancy Reagan

Thank You GE

Nancy Reagan reflects on her family's long relationship with GE.

Ronald Reagan

Frontiers of Progress

A look back at Ronald Reagan's speech to GE execs at the dawn of the computer age.

Reagan Train

Reading up on GE

How Ronald Reagan's train time kept him up to date on everything from GE to the economy.

Ronald Reagan

A Performance To Remember

Ronald Reagan's role as a roving ambassador for GE left a lasting impression on scores of employees.

Lois Hagebusch

Meeting Ronald Reagan

GE Retiree Lois Hagebusch fondly recalls the day Ronald Reagan paid a visit to the facility where she worked.

Bill Lane

The Great Listener

Former GE speechwriter Bill Lane takes a look back at Ronald Reagan's memorable years with GE.

Patrick Buchanan

Remembering Ronald Reagan

Patrick Buchanan examines the qualities that made Ronald Reagan a successful, even a great president.

Rudy Giuliani

Reagan and the Cold War

Rudy Giuliani reflects on President Ronald Reagan's strength in the face of great challenges.

Tom Brokaw

A Monumental Meeting

NBC News Correspondent Tom Brokaw recalls the first handshake between Gorbachev and Reagan.

Andrea Mitchell

The Ronald Reagan I Knew

NBC News Correspondent Andrea Mitchell recalls President Reagan’s work to end the Cold War.

Peggy Noonan

A Peaceable Warrior

Peggy Noonan, a special assistant to Ronald Reagan during his Presidency, takes a look back.

Thomas Evans with President Ronald Reagan

Vision Accomplished

Author Thomas Evans shows how Ronald Reagan’s years at GE helped shape his Presidency.

Ronald Reagan in Bloomington, Illinois circa 1950s

Remember When

GE retirees step back in time and share their memories of a fellow employee, Ronald Reagan.

Carole Chichester

A Moment in Time

GE employee Carole Chichester recalls the time she met Reagan while serving as a U.S. Senate Page.