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Healthymagination is a business strategy that will offer dramatic new investments toward achieving sustainable health, while helping GE grow. It's all part of our dedication to solving the world's biggest problems.
By 2015, our goal is to:
To reach these goals, we are refocusing our efforts, from research to product development, services, consumer capabilities, and partnerships. We will use all of our tools, technology, and expertise, from GE Healthcare to GE Capital, GE Power & Water, GE Global Research, and the GE Foundation. It’s a big commitment. But together, we can make health better.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of precedures and processes where possible with GE technology and services.

  • Increase peoples access to services, technologies and health education, touching at least 100 million lives in a new way every year.

  • Greatly improve quality of care for patients by partnering with physicians and other stakeholders to focus on innovation that simplify and refine healthcare procedures and accelerate standards of care.

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