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GE is imagination at work
GE established its roots in Pakistan with the country's independence and has had a direct presence through its subsidiaries since 1980 and established its corporate office at Lahore in 1984. In 1989, the corporate office was shifted to Islamabad, and in 1994 GE Power Systems established its office in Lahore. The corporate office was later merged into Lahore office in 2002, and GE expanded its portfolio to support other GE businesses in addition to GE Power Systems (now GE Infrastructure Energy) located at Lahore, and has since been working actively with national companies and private businesses.
Advanced Security | GE?s StreetLab Mobile? delivers chemical identification capabilities in a rugged, user-friendly handheld unit designed to quickly and accurately identify threats in a diverse range of field environments. (Opens in a new window)Advanced securityecomagination | GE is the largest supplier of desalination plants in a world in which one billion people lack access to clean water. See how GE water processing technologies are brining fresh water to more people around the world. (Opens in a new window)ecomaginationPower of Flight | GEs next generation aircraft engine, the GEnx, delivers improved fuel consumption with fewer emissions and will be the quietest commercial jet engine ever produced. (Opens in a new window)Power of flight
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