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Hi and welcome to GE Australia and New Zealand. If you're looking at this message, chances are you're in the market for a new job so I thought I'd talk a little bit about what makes GE such a terrific place to work.

I can't think of another company that can offer so much diversity in job roles and even job markets and industries. Our businesses range from banking and finance through to healthcare, energy and water technology – even television and film with our NBC Universal business. We have engineers, finance professionals, marketers, business analysts, call centre employees and even doctors and scientists working at GE. So there's bound to be something that interests you.

To me it's important to be part of something great, no matter what role I play in the company. GE is an essential company that works in the big themes that positively impact the whole world.

Take climate change for example, with our range of environmental technologies – everything from clean coal and wind power to the 7 billion litres of water we help recycle and reprocess every day for communities around the world.

Or take healthcare, with our changing demographics and aging population and our focus on prevention and early detection.

Or NBC Universal business with digitization technologies that allow greater innovation, communication or simply entertainment. But what brings these things together are inspiring people.

We are a high performance company and we invest in high performance people – to the tune of about $1 billion annually around the world in training and development.

This is no accident. We want people to develop real expertise so they can become the leaders and decision makers of the future...

…Perhaps you could be one of them.

 Message from the CEO
What is your passion? With our leadership in so many industries, and our presence in so many places around the world, GE may be the place where you can have the career you always wanted.

Steve Sargent