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About GE in Indonesia

Who We Are

GE is a partner for a better Indonesia. We are committed to bringing the latest technology and most suitable solutions to help Indonesia overcome its infrastructure challenges, and we are committed to developing Indonesia’s talents.


GE in Indonesia is a top GE performer and consistently has double digit growth. In 2012, GE in Indonesia grew more than double digits in terms of order growth, and also grew double digits in terms of sales. GE Aviation contributed 50% of the orders in 2012, while GE Transportation and GE Power & Water were the second and third biggest contributors.


GE has been in Indonesia since 1940, providing the latest technology and solutions in the areas of aviation, transportation, power generation, energy management, oil and gas, health, and lighting. GE has a workforce of around 800 local employees in its 10 facilities and project locations in Indonesia, in addition to a country head office in Jakarta and two factories in Yogyakarta (GE Lighting) and Batam (GE Oil & Gas), and a turbine service facility in Bandung.

As part of its commitment to strengthen presence in Indonesia, in February 2013 GE announced its plan to develop a GE Learning and Technology center together with Garuda Indonesia, Pertamina, and PLN. This center will serve as a center for leadership and engineering as well as localization of GE applied technology.


Investments will strengthen GE’s presence in-country, and increase local content of GE technology and solutions as well as its contribution to Indonesia’s infrastructure and human resources.  To date, GE has invested around $1.5 billion USD, which includes manufacturing and service facilities, joint ventures, and asset exposure (aircraft leasing).

In February 2013, GE announced a plan to spend $300 million USD for localization and human resource development in Indonesia as part of a commitment to support the country’s focus on infrastructure development. This investment plan includes the development of a GE Learning and Technology Center together with Garuda Indonesia, Pertamina and PLN, as well as the expansion of our Batam facility, which is expected to require an investment of $42 million USD.

Business Overviews

GE Healthcare

  • GE is the #1 brand in CT scanning in Indonesia. To date, we have installed more than 4000 pieces of equipment in Indonesia.
  • GE’s healthymagination products that installed in Indonesia include: Brivo MR355, Logic E9, Optima CT 660, Lullaby Warmer & Incubator and many more.
  • GE in Indonesia is committed to bringing technology and solutions designed help improve rural healthcare. As an example of GE’s commitment to improve rural healthcare, in late September GE Healthcare launched the Vscan version 1.3 (Vscan 1.3) in Indonesia - a handheld, pocket-sized screening device with ultrasound technologies - adapted locally with a user interface in Bahasa Indonesia for use by medical general practitioners (GPs).

GE Aviation

  • GE has installed over 400 highly efficient jet engines in Indonesia, which means that every 68 seconds a plane takes off from Indonesia it is powered by GE engine.
  • GE engines that have been installed in Indonesia include CFM and LEAP engines. This year, GE will add GE-90 115 engines into its installed base in Indonesia. These engines power of 10 Garuda Indonesia’s B777 fleet, which will arrive in June 2013.
  • GE’s key customers in Aviation are Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air.
  • Nine out of ten Garuda airplanes are powered by GE engines.
  • GE also collaborates with Garuda Indonesia to develop Garuda Indonesia’s engine maintenance subsidiary, GMFAeroAsia, to develop its engine shop capabilities. This collaboration was marked by the launch of GMF’s CFM56-7B engine test cell to help Garuda Indonesia and its subsidiary GMF AeroAsia anticipate the maintenance needs of its growing fleet of B737-800, and allows GMF to have full overhaul capabilities for these airplanes.
  • In addition, GE collaborates with Garuda Indonesia in leadership development of its future leaders. So far we have had several leadership training sessions provided to Garuda Future Leaders through CAP (Change Acceleration Process Training), Six Sigma, ASEAN Customer Leadership Program and Global Customer Summit (GCS).
  • In February 2013, Garuda Indonesia was one of the customers who signed an MOU with GE to develop a Learning and Technology Center in the next five years.

GE Transportation

  • Our objective in Transportion is to increase Indonesia’s connectivity for both freight and passengers through railway.
  • GE has been supporting Indonesia’s railway for 60 years, since 1953, when Indonesian rail bought its first GE locomotive. Now, over 320 GE locomotives are running in Indonesia, transporting 200 million people annually.
  • We are collaborating with PT KAI to develop its locomotive service center, Balai Yasa Yogya, to be a center of excellence for Indonesia and ASEAN. This is a key initiative for our investment in transportation and contribution to local job creation. Together with PT INKA (a trains manufacturing state-owned enterprise) we are working on developing global lightweight locomotives in Indonesia for the Asian market.
  • In addition, we are supporting Indonesia’s railway sector with our signaling technology.

GE Oil & Gas

  • GE recently won a $1.3 billion deal to supply Chevron with subsea drilling and exploration equipment. All of the subsea drilling equipment will be manufactured in the GE Oil & Gas newly expanded plant in Batam, which will be opened in November 2013.
  • In May 2013, GE announced the largest expansion of its Batam manufacturing facility to date, with the construction of a high bay for a new line of subsea wellhead equipment that will further increase local content.
  • The production of vertical subsea trees in Batam is a first for GE in the Asia Pacific region. This expansion will create up to 30 new jobs when fully operational. This investment underscores GE’s commitment to increase local content of GE technology and solutions in Indonesia.
  • GE Oil & Gas has invested more than $12 million USD in Batam since 2011 for plant expansion, technology upgrades and the new high bay workshop. GE has invested not only in physical assets and equipment, but also in building local capability through the transfer of knowledge and expertise from our global sites to the Batam team.
  • GE signed MOU with Pertamina in February 2013 to collaborate in the development of a GE Learning and Technology Center in the next 5 years.

GE Power & Water

  • GE is a major player in power generation in Indonesia. GE’s gas and steam turbines, and aeroderivatives gas turbines, have generated more than 8GW of electricity, and GE has helped generate 30% of Indonesia’s electricity overall.
  • GE’s power generation customers includes PLN, the Indonesia state-owned power distributor, and independent power producers, such as Medco Power and Cikarang Listrindo.
  • In December 2012, GE signed an agreement with Medco Power UBE, Medco Power’s UBE Batam Power Plant, to supply two Frame 6B 3-Series gas turbines that are expected to generate 80 megawatts of cleaner and more reliable power in Batam. Additionally, in February, we signed an agreement with Cikarang Listrindo to supply one Frame 9 series gas turbine.
  • GE has installed more than 700 gas engines, combining Jenbacher and Waukesha engines, which are in operation utilizing both natural and non-natural gas fuels. GE’s gas engines have helped generate 500 MW of electricity in Indonesia. Thirty percent of these engines are used to generate renewable and clean energy derived from waste such as wood chips, palm oil mills effluent, agri-waste biogas, low-rank coal syngas, coal bed methane and oil & gas sector products.
  • GE’s ecomagination products that have been installed in Indonesia include the Heavy Duty Gas Turbine and Aeroderivative Gas Turbine. This investment yielded an advance to more efficient gas turbines. GE is the only gas turbine manufacturer that has both heavy duty gas turbines and aeroderivative gas turbines, which provides the advantage of combining both technologies to arrive at the best and most efficient solution.
  • GE’s latest technologies in power generation installed in Indonesia are the Aeroderivative Gas Turbine, LM6000-PG, and Fr6FA Gas Turbine.
  • In terms of renewable energy, last year we signed a Letter of Intent with PLN to develop a pilot biomass power plant in Sumba that will use wood chips as fuel. The power plant will use GE’s Integrated Biomass Gasification solution to generate 1 megawatt (MW) of electricity to remote areas in Indonesia.
  • In addition, GE collaborates with PLN in leadership development. In February 2013, PLN was one of the customers who signed an MOU with GE to develop a Learning and Technology Center in the next five years.


  • GE cooperates with government, customers, universities, and NGO to develop Indonesia’s local talents. Every year, more than 200 of Indonesia’s local citizens are trained by GE through customer engagement programs, best practice sharing, and campus activities.
  • GE currently has an on-going learning program with key customers.
  • In February 2013, we signed an MOU with Garuda Indonesia, Pertamina, and PLN to develop a Learning and Technology Center. This center will serve as a center for leadership and engineering and localization of GE applied technologies. Currently we have the GE-Garuda Leadership Institute, GE-Pertamina Oil and Gas University, GE-KAI Leadership Development, and GE-PLN Leadership Development. The new center will centralize all of these learning activities that we have with our partners, and extend the programs and facilities to our other partners and customers.
  • Our turbine service facility in Bandung is a joint venture with PT Dirgantara Indonesia and PT PAL.
  • In September 2012, GE signed a Letter of Intent with PLN to develop a pilot biomass power plant in Sumba that will use wood chips as fuel. The power plant will use GE’s Integrated Biomass Gasification solution to generate 1 megawatt (MW) of electricity to remote areas in Indonesia.

Citizenship: Environment, Health, Community

  • In 2012, we mobilized 379 GE volunteers, which is almost half of the total number of GE employees in Indonesia, and contributed close to 5,000 volunteer hours.
  • Recently, the GE Foundation announced its $3 million USD commitment over the next three years, as part of its Developing Health Globally program, to help improve the quality of and access to healthcare, as well as to help lower maternal and infant mortality rates in Indonesia’s rural areas.  This grant will support Indonesia MDG’s program, Pencerah Nusantara, to mobilize 64 healthcare professionals to 14 remote locations in Indonesia for one year, which will provide quality healthcare for over 264,000 people. Prior to this grant, GE also donated seven V-scan 1.3, a portable ultrasound device, to seven clinics in remote areas that are managed by Pencerah Nusantara healthcare professionals. In addition, this grant will support Jhpiego’s EMAS program over the next 3 years to develop and promote the use of mobile technology to allow midwives to closely monitor and provide follow up postpartum and postnatal care for new mothers.
  • GE partnered with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia to rebuild parts of Aceh and Yogyakarta after natural disasters.
  • GE Indonesia has twice been awarded the “Millennium Development Award, Indonesia.” In 2008, GE Indonesia won the award for its financial literacy program aiding disadvantaged women.
  • In 2012, our clean-water piping project for the Yogyakarta village's post-Merapi volcanic eruption won “Millennium Development Award, Indonesia” for the second time. In this project, GE Volunteers and Habitat for Humanity built 6,500 meters of clean water distribution system and public sanitation facilities, as well as established 3 hectare of plantations, which helped improve the health and welfare of more than 3,000 people who were affected by the disaster. GE Volunteers also rebuilt houses that were severely impacted by the volcano eruption.
  • In 2012, GE earned a “MURI” Indonesia record for the highest number of women examined in a one-day pregnancy and maternal health drive in Palembang. GE implemented its portable medical diagnostic equipment including its handheld Vscan ultrasound device which shows that these are good solutions for the country's rural healthcare.
  • GE also partners with customers in our citizenship activities. In 2012, GE partnered with Garuda Indonesia to renovate an early education facility in Lombok island in eastern Indonesia. This project won the GE Volunteers Impact Award in 2013.
  • GE has an ongoing mission to provide lighting solutions that enhance the beauty of historically significant world monuments. As part of this effort, GE Lighting donated lighting design, lamps and equipment to the 12th century Borobudur and Prambanan temples, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Further Information