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From Sand to Skyscrapers

From Sand to Skyscrapers

With the recent growth in the Middle East comes a growing need for infrastructure, power, water, even entertainment. Learn about how GE can help.

The City of the Future

The City of the Future

GE's first ecomagination center will make its home in Masdar City - the first carbon-neutral, zero-emission city in the world.

Our Businesses

GE has a strong set of global businesses in infrastructure and finance aligned to meet today’s needs, including the demand for global infrastructure; growing and changing demographics that need access to healthcare, finance and environmental technologies.

For more information on specific GE businesses in Kuwait, please visit the Products & Services page.

GE Energy

How we manage energy today will determine the kind of world we live in tomorrow. Whether it is solar power in rural India, wind power in Europe, or cleaner coal in the U.S., GE’s diverse portfolio of power generation products and services is changing the way we think about power.

GE Capital

GE Capital businesses help meet the financial needs of over 100 million customers across the globe, with products and services that range from consumer lending to financial solutions for businesses of all sizes. GE Capital also develops strategic partnerships and joint ventures that leverage GE’s industry-specific expertise in aviation, energy, infrastructure, healthcare and media to capitalize on market-specific opportunities.

GE Home & Business Solutions

GE is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting and major appliances in the world. GE is also a high-performance technology company, providing hardware, software and services. Since 1907, we have been introducing advanced solutions to improve lives.

GE Healthcare

GE is changing healthcare delivery in more than 100 countries with its vision for an “early health” model, focusing on early diagnosis, intervention and prevention. And, as the world moves toward the “digital hospital,” we are leading the way with technology for patient monitoring, imaging, information delivery and more.

GE Transportation

GE Transportation is a global technology leader and supplier to the railroad, marine, drilling, wind and mining industries. GE provides locomotives, railway signaling and communications systems, information technology solutions, marine engines and motorized drive systems for mining.

GE Aviation

GE developed America’s first turbojet engines and continues to advance the industry with our innovative GE90® and GEnx™ engines. Today, we supply the world with engines for commercial, corporate, military and marine industries. We also provide technology upgrades, engine exchange services and more.